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  1. Hi George, Here is the .out file. Asymmetric_1022_0000.out
  2. Yes, this is exactly what I have done before. Since I do a simulation in 2 steps, the first simulation aimed to provide the state of the elements after a certain loading condition. Then, the result (.sta) file is exploited to generate second model with new loading condition with added some parts. These two step worked before very well. Now, I decide replicating second simulation with a new condition that some nodes are moved a bit. After doing translation, I run the model and this error arises. As without translation it works, I just conjecture that it caused the error.
  3. Thanks for your response ANK, This model worked before very well. I just translated some nodes a little bit and faced this error after. Probably, the problem comes from using .sta file.
  4. Hi, I got a "Segmentation Violation" error while running a simulation which worked before. This model is reconstructed by using a .sta file which is result of first step of simulation. the second model worked before properly, but I just translated some nodes manually, would be the reason of error? +=============================================================+ | ABNORMAL END | | Segmentation Violation | | TRACE BACK : | +=============================================================+ INITIALIZATION +=============================================================+ ERROR ID : 760 ** ERROR TRAPPED
  5. Hi, I have a simulation which crashes after a while due to error ID 205 and 207 ("ENERGY ERROR LIMIT REACHED" and "TOTAL MASS ERROR LIMIT REACHED"). I have tried to change mass scaling value, but nothing happened. my first question is what would be the reason of crash? Does it come from fast loading or caused by changing material properties to less stiff behavior? Moreover, I tried to use AMS, but ran into an error: ERROR ID : 55 ** ERROR IN INPUT FORMAT DESCRIPTION : -- OPTION : AMS -- BLOCK : /PROP/SHELL/20 -- LINE : /END It should be noted that /AMS is in the _0000.rad file and /DT/AMS .67 .5E-3 in the 0001.rad (Engine).
  6. Hi, I'm going to perform the convergence study by changing the mesh size and checking the strain energy. In Hypermesh, I couldn't find the strain energy in the list of parameters when I tried to achieve the results of each simulation (Below Fig). Is there any specific engine command to export this parameter? The engine file is in second screenshot. In advance, I appreciate you for taking time to answer my question.
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