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  1. Hello, Can some one please help me with fixing the error? I am trying to supply heat flux inside the cylinder and outside it is convective BC with T amb of 0. But I am facing the following error " *** See next message about line 2536 from file: G:/AM Optimization/AFRL Work/Intital Test/Initial cylinder test.fem "CONV 12649 2 0" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 6. Thanks, Initial_cylinder_test.fem
  2. Hello Prakash, How you are able to fix the error. I tried with different model but I keep on getting the same error. I tried to create load step after objective but still same the error. Can you please explain in few steps how you fixed it. Attached is the file I am working on to fix the issue. Thanks, Cube_Thermal_Compliance.fem
  3. Hi Prakash, Can you please let me know how to give Internal heat generation to 3D body. I know how to add heat flux from surface through conduction. THANKS
  4. Hello Prakash, Can you please show me how you moved them to subcase. thanks.
  5. Hello Prakash, When I tried to run the optimization. I face below error *** ERROR # 557 *** DRESP1 1 is not referenced from within a linear heat transfer SUBCASE. This type of response must be specified from within a linear heat transfer SUBCASE. This error occurs in DESOBJ 1. I have attached the fem file for reference can you please help to understand where I am doing mistake Optimization_Beam meshed.fem
  6. Hi Prakash, Thank you. I move my Heat Flux input elements to non design space. The new errors pop up as "*** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3." Thanks,
  7. Hi Prakash, Thanks for the video, it is working. I have a question, when I tried to run optimization the error generated is "CHBDYE can't be applied in topology or free-size design domain. CHBDYE surface element 13751 is applied to topology or free-size design element 1420" I am very new to Hypermesh and trying to learn. Can you please help me out here to fix the issue. Attached is the file. If possible can you please share a video guide of where I am doing mistake an dhow to fix it. Thanks. Optimization_Beam meshed.fem
  8. Hello Prakash, I am trying to create objective function as suggested by you but still I am facing the issue of selected subcase (heat transfer) is not compatible with type of response. I am working on the tutorial OS-5090: Thermal Optimization on Aluminum Fins Can you please let me know how can I fix it. I am with Student version 17 Thanks,
  9. I am not to able to run the solver due to the error Case Control data LOAD=1 is not referenced by any bulk data relevant for used subcase type Can some one please look into file and let me know where I am dong mistake Beam.fem
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