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  1. Hi, Is super elements supported in Radioss?? any tutorials??
  2. i tried it but im not getting it. i ran simulation for 0.4 secs, but in graph last few millisecs are not there, its there in restarted analysis tfile i guess. and i have two tfiles T01,T02 (T02 was generated after i restarted the run)
  3. Hi, I have done analysis by stopping and restarting a radioss run. so now i have two tfile, how to plot graph combining the tfiles? then only i can get graph for the complete analysis. thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Im new to cluster access, while trying to submit a job im getting this error ************************************************************************ ** ** ** ** ** RADIOSS STARTER 13.0 ** ** ** ** Non-linear Finite Element Analysis Software ** ** from Altair Engineering, Inc. ** ** ** ** ** ** Linux 64 bits, Intel compiler ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** Build tag: 0718847_087se13.000_1060_0029780_10 ** ************************************************************************ ** COPYRIGHT (C) 1986-2014 Altair Engineering, Inc. ** ** All Rights Reserved. Copyright notice does not imply publication. ** ** Contains trade secrets of Altair Engineering Inc. ** ** Decompilation or disassembly of this software strictly prohibited. ** ************************************************************************ .. BLOCK FREE FORMAT .. STARTER RUNNING ON 15 THREADS .. CONTROL VARIABLES ERROR WHILE CHECKING LICENSE ! Error output from the solver: ============================== Check for liblmx-altair.12.0.14.so Can anybody help me to solve this??
  5. Hi, im getting remaining time as *****. please find attached image. what causes this??
  6. Guru

    Rigid body

    found the rigid element which had mass to it. thanks
  7. Guru

    Rigid body

    Hi, i have created 1D rigid elements, after creating the mass of component increases. checking the mass of component without rigid gives me the required value so i checked the value of mass in rigids and it gave me extra mass. when i checked the mass using utility tool i didnt find any mass value given for the rigids. whats wrong in the model??
  8. Guru


    Hi, which is the best element to define connections between components in cars and buses?? spring elemments or rigids?? How to check whether i has assigned connections between all components?? in radioss cant do modal analysis to check the free component.
  9. im using inspire 2015, im confused how to give dynamic loading condition with respect to time and assigning a spring conditions for a shock absorber. please help me out!!
  10. Other models are running fine and throws results. only this model shows the following screens.
  11. how did you fix it? turned off firewall & antivirus?
  12. Thanks, Ran all checks possible in Hyperworks and Hypercrash. Cleared all errors. Now im getting solver error as attached. what does this mean? and how to solve this?? OUT.rar
  13. Thanks, But when i try to run the same rad file in Hyperworks v13, it says the job completed but the analysis didnt run at all (the out file is similar to the one i previously attached). So what should i do now?? As thats only a warning my model should run, but its not running.. any suggestion?
  14. will that terminate my run??
  15. Hi George, Thanks, i cleared most of the errors, now the error remaining is 1 slave node in RBody. how to clear it??
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