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  1. @Rahul R 1. there are no SPC/MPCs, 2. also I just changed card from EIGRL to EIGRA, run with EIGRL is ok, but run with EIGRA isn't ( there is absolutely no other change ) 3. Also, same model with EIGRA - Normal modes is also ok.
  2. Hi, I am running a Frequency Response Analysis. When I change the EIGRL entry to EIGRA, I get following error. *** ERROR # 3432 *** Singularity found in construction of constraint equations. Usually this happens when a dof is defined as slave in more than one constraints. For inertia relief analysis this problem may be overcome with SUPORT definitions and/or PARAM,COUPMASS,1. This error occurs in module "asmbdrv". How this can be resolved ?
  3. I have a subroutine that does certain task. Since the task is repetitive It should avoid running tcl Script again and again from File --> Run --> Tcl/Tk script. So, is there a way to come out of the loop once I did all the connections. for eg. proc mycode {} { *createmarkpanel #my working code here } while {0<1} { mycode } Now I need to exit while loop whenever I complete desired repetitions of the tasks without any warnings or error.
  4. I ran for SOL111 single subcase, in nastran 2013, output file <.pch>. I tried importing in hypergraph but got following error. " Error: Blocks present in the file <filename.pch> are not currently supported.!". Please help.
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