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  1. Thank you Prakash, Changing to N2S contact conditions, can I manipulate the contact definition for every node in the input file? Is there another contact definition with which I can manipulate the contact between a single node and the in contact surface/element? Ideally, I would like to be able to go into my input file and change the contacts manually like: Node 1 Surface 1 Stick Node 2 Surface 1 Stick Node 3 Surface 1 Slide Node 4 Surface 1 Stick Node 5 Surface 1 Slide Node 6 Surface 1 Stick ..... Thanks, Kevin
  2. Hi, I am wondering if somebody could help me defining contact between to surfaces so that I can easily update the contact definition in the input file. The problem is stated as follows: I am pressing two beams together and would like to perform FRF modal analysis on the beams. With an optimization routine, I would like to update the contact definition between single nodes and surfaces to be either stuck, slipping, or not in contact, and match an experimentally obtained FRF. In order to solve this problem, I need to define the contact in a way that I can easily update the contact definition between single nodes and surfaces in the input file. In this initial analysis, I define the contacting interfaces to be stuck and am hoping to understand the input (.fem) file, hoping to be able to figure out how tho change the contact definition from stuck to slide within the .fem file. Attached are the .fem file and the .hm file. Could you explain to me the entries in the .fem file in: Line 61 (+ 21603 13616 13929 1) Line 1762 to 1778: How is contact defined here? Is it between the sets of nodes? Can I change that to single nodes? Is grid data the nodal position? Is CHexa Data the element definition? I hope this description is sufficient to help me solve my problem. Thank you, Kevin 170706_FRF_HZBeam_FullyStuck.fem 170706_FRF_HZBeam_FullyStuck.hm
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