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  1. Hi, The Objective is to mesh the volume from existing 2D Mesh by introducing refinement zone. Hence, 2D Mesh should also be refined while volume tetra mesh is imitated through Mesh Controls. The Observation made after volume meshing is that the refinement specified is not propagating to 2D Surface mesh. Please help me refining surface mesh also when I perform volume mesh. Regards, Vignesh V.
  2. VigneshKPV

    HyperMesh Surface Mesh Import Error in AcuSolve

    Please check the attached image for format used.
  3. VigneshKPV

    HyperMesh Surface Mesh Import Error in AcuSolve

    Yes. I used Nastran Fluent NAS format
  4. Hi, I'm trying import the surface Mesh(*.Nas) from HyperMesh into AcuSolve and getting an error as below Traceback (most recent call last): File "pnlFile.py", line 323, in importFile File "CompileDir.win64\pnlWin.py", line 1447, in readData File "pnlImport.py", line 178, in readData File "pnlImport.py", line 294, in readDataFile File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 264, in __init__ File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 293, in readGeom File "pnlLoadGeom.py", line 367, in loadGeomData PnlLoadGeomError: 'Error from geometry reading module: <error reading geometry> ' Please help me in fixing this error. Regards, Vignesh V.
  5. VigneshKPV

    Adding uniform number of seeds in AcuFieldView

    It is not helping by using coordinate surface as my seeding surface. Can you please elaborate the procedure?
  6. Hi All, Is there any option to add uniformly spaced seeds on the selected surfaces for Streamlines in AcuFieldView
  7. VigneshKPV

    Solid Component imported as Surface Component

    Thanks Premanand!!! We will try this out and get back to you.
  8. VigneshKPV

    Solid Component imported as Surface Component

    File Shared. Thanks in advance.
  9. VigneshKPV

    Solid Component imported as Surface Component

    Can you share your FTP link?
  10. Hi All, I'm trying to import a component which is modeled as a solid is getting imported as surfaces. Can anyone tell me how to fix this to importing it as solid? Thanks in advance. Regards, Vignesh V.
  11. Hi All, I wanted to simulate conjugate heat transfer simulation in AcuSolve which involves Conduction & Mixed convection. I have followed the best practices that are described from meshing to problem setup. Herewith, im attaching my residual plot which seems not converged and stabilized results. It would be helpful if someone help me with this.
  12. VigneshKPV

    Exterior acoustic sphere mesh for motor acoustic analysis

    Please share us the FTP link to share the model.
  13. VigneshKPV

    Parametric Study in AcuSolve

    I followed the setup as shown in the video. But I couldn't see Next button activated to start the parametric study after define input variables. Please find the message after completing nominal run in hyperstudy as below 5 Warning: The following variables are disabled as they do not have corresponding parameters in resource file ( C:/Users/vvh/Desktop/DEFanTest/01_hst.tpl ) Speeds ( var_Speeds )
  14. VigneshKPV

    Parametric Study in AcuSolve

    Thank you ydigit. It help me to do exactly what I intended to do.
  15. VigneshKPV

    Parametric Study in AcuSolve

    Hi, I wanted to setup the parametric study for a fan flow analysis at different operating speeds by using HST-AcuSolve. It would be really helpful if it is possible to perform parametric study using hyperstudy. Regards, Vignesh V.