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  1. hello, I have the same problem: I can change only the ply angles, so I´m using the size optimization and setting a orientation variable for each ply. however is applied the same orientation at all the plys of the laminate (the plys are changing all toghere at the same way). how can i solve this iussue?
  2. hi prakash, I´m using SPCD for an enforced displacement. Now I want to optimize my model to increase the stiffness, I know that I have to maximize the compliance, so I have to maximize the force that create that displacement: how can I set it?
  3. Hi prakash, thank you very much, you confirmed my suspect. Infact I created another model with a rigid tool to achieve that result (other topic). thank you very much again.
  4. Hi prakash, I´m using the function CONTACT with the option STICK, works well if I put the tool in touch with the profile, but in that whay I have always the problem of the stiffness during the torsion (I´m trying a different way to solve that problem with MPC). omega_tool.hm
  5. hello, I´m modelling a 3 point bending test of a beam in hypermesh/optistruct. The bending is acted by a cilindrical tool where is applied 1 KN force. It´s important in the loadstep that the tool doesn´t touch the profile, so I have to create something like a motion which allows the tool to contact the beam and then bend it. how can I set it?
  6. now the model with MPC works at the same way of using the RBE3 (MPC displacement picture), but I need a uniform trasversal displacement, like in the way of using the RBE2 (RBE2 displacement picture) can I set the MPC to obtain that result? omega_MPC.hm
  7. It's the same... but i don't know if it has to be the same. So in my problem I have a bar where is applied 1kn of vertical force. How can I set it?
  8. hi prakash, I´m tring to use MPC but the results are quite strange, the displacement have to be the same for each node because the load is applied by a trasversal bar, but in the results is different. I attach the .fem file, I´m tring to make the nodes on the laminte (from 459 to 486) dependents by the node where is applied the force (17635), is it possible to do that? is it correct? Omega_Profile_MPC2.fem
  9. yes there is, it´s a omega steel profile with a laminate pasted on it. I also tried to create a tool for the bending, but during the torsion subcase there is always the stiffness on the top of the profile. Are you running the analysis? the analysis doesn´t show me any error... omega_tool.hm
  10. Hi prakash, have you found any error? I can´t find it
  11. @Prakash Pagadala I attach the models with MPC and also the first one with RBE2 omega_MPC.hm omega_RBE2.hm
  12. Hi Prakash, thank you very much for answer. I created a MPC (equation) where the load have to be applicate, and then I applicate the force in the middle but i don´t have any displacement!
  13. hello to everyone, I´m new in the forum and I´m having my first experience with hypermesh/optistruct. In my model (a omega beam) I created 2 different load steps (bending and torsion), the bending is applied in the middle with a RBE2 and when i run the analysis I notice that during the torsion a stifness is added due to the RBE. I tried to use the RBE3 but doesn´t work well, because the displacement of the nodes is not due to a rigid body, but how if there was a force applied to each node (different displacement for each node). is it possible to put the RBE2 in the bending subcase, so I will not have that stiffness during the torsion? thanks in advance for help.
  14. hello to everyone, i´m new in the forum and i don´t know if i have to do any presentation for beginning. however, i would like to ask you if it´s possible to put some component (a RBE2) in a subcase, and if yes, how can i do it? thank you
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