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  1. Do I have to rename it like I would have if I had the 0001.rad ? Do I have something to do before clicking "Run" ? I mean, if I juste run the 0000.rad again, it will erase my calculation and do it again, won't it ? Finally, how do I set the time I want to rerun the calulation for ? Sorry for all these questions but I am a beginner and I didn't find these answers on the documentation I have about Radioss.
  2. Hi, Thank you for your reply ! The "auto export engine file" was checked, but I may have also checked "Merge starter and engine file", is that the reason why I do not have any 0001.rad ? Is it still possible to rerun my calculation ? Or do I have to start it again from the beginning ? Thanks a lot for your help, Regards, Guillaume
  3. Hello, I must have done an error but when I start my calculation, no file type 0001.rad is written. Do you know how to solve this ? Is it possible to restart a calculation (to simulate more time) without this file ? Thank you, Regards Guillaume
  4. Hi, I am currently trying to simulate quite a simple impact on a wall of several pieces. I have no intersections and no penetrations, the run model checker is all green but when I start the calculation, the remaining time decreases for a little time and then increases with no apparent reason. Do you have an idea of the origin of my problem ? Best regards, Guillaume
  5. Hi, I just started to use Radioss two weeks ago and I still have some difficulties. In my case, my calculation is running with a warning : INTERFACE BUFFER INITIALIZATION WARNING ID : 343 ** WARNING : INITIAL PENETRATIONS IN INTERFACE But then, after a few iterations I have an error message which is repeting : ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 7774 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION MESSAGE ID : 259 And finally, the last one is : ** WARNING ZERO OR NEGATIVE VOLUME : 3D-ELEMENT ID : 7818 ELEMENT IS SWITCHED TO SMALL STRAIN OPTION MESSAGE ID : 87 ** ERROR : INFINITE DOMAIN DETECTED (I7BUCE) IN INTERFACE ID=4 ERROR TERMINATION I have found no information concerning my problems, that's why I'm posting this here, I hope you could help me, Regards
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