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  1. Hello, I am trying to determine the center of pressure (or center of loading) on my body from my VWT simulation. Is there a way to output this information in acuTrans? I couldn't find anything to do this in acuTrans so I attempted an analytical solution in two dimensions. In acuTrans I can output the drag force, lift force and moment about any arbitrary location in the domain. So for a first aribtrary point in the domain, my moment equals: M1 = Drag * z + Lift * x where x equals the streamwise distance from the arbitrary point and the center of loading, and z equals the vertical distance from the point to the center of loading. This equation has two unknowns (x, z), so another equation is needed. If I get the moment about another aribtrary point in the domain, my next equation is: M2 = Drag * (z + dz) + Lift * (x + dx) where dz and dx are the change in position from the first point. These two equations cannot be solved because it creates a singular matrix that cannot be inverted. Has anyone ever done anything like this before? I was hoping that AcuSolve could just output the COP without having to manually calculate it. Thanks.
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