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  1. has this feature been released in the latest Hyperworks ?
  2. Hi Prakash, Thank you for your suggestion. i was able to establish a joinedconnection. i have now added an axial pretension of 1N, (although it needs to be a 1000N) to the 3d beam and am getting an infinite displacement. Im assuming this is because i have an under constrained the curved structure. However, is there way to constrain the structure so that there is no positive y displacement, but only negative. In the real application, a positive pretension actually causes negative displacement. The application is a bicycle wheel and my approach was to use cyclic symmetry to create a smaller model. Would you have any ideas?
  3. Hi, im not sure whether to define a connector or contact surface between a shell and solid element. when i add a connector, i get a failed projection, and when i try with contact surfaces i get a missing property error. any suggestions?
  4. is it possible to create a cylindrical coordinate system in hypermesh when meshing for lsydna. i seem to be only getting an option for rectangular in v17.
  5. hi, im running into some issues when i add pretension to a rod element. i end up with a infinite displacement. I am hoping for the rod + the spring element to dampen the load to finite value. is there something im missing with my setup? quasi_static_hub_wspoke-2-8.hm
  6. Hi, i want to assign mat direction for composite layup in a bicycle wheel but am running into issues. \not sure if it is the way i have setup my cylindrical coordinate system or assigning the mat directions. - my goal is to have the directions tangentially around the center for the vertical walls. i have attached what i am currently getting. - along the circumference on the cylindrical walls. quasi_static_nospoke_hub.hm
  7. thank you for the info regarding delamination and xfem. Any recommendations for mat orientations?
  8. Hi, I'm trying to develop an impact model in radioss with a sectioned composite wheel (assuming cyclical symmetry). I have sectioned the side walls to mimic ply tapering. Due to these sections, i am having some trouble aligning all the element directions radially. I defined a cylindrical co-ordinate system but am still unable to get the sections aligned and not perpendicular. I have included the model for your reference. Also I wanted to perform the impact analysis with Hashmi failure as the initial criteria, followed by crack propagation (xfem) and combining it with delamination(Ladeveze failure). Is this possible? Are there any tutorials or examples for xfem. and delamination of composites in radioss? Could you please provide? Thank you! Composite_radioss_36deg.hm Composite_radioss_36deg_0000.rad
  9. *** ERROR # 606 *** Element 19238 references a PCOMPP card without being referenced by any STACK card. Hi, Im trying to perform a composite optimization and currently getting this error. not sure how to proceed, I have attached my file for your reference. Thanks for your help, Karmanya intake_kr.hm
  10. Hi Prakash, Getting lots of errors when trying to run an analysis. I have attached output file and hm. Composite_KQS02v2.out Composite_KQS02v2.hm
  11. Thank you George for the tutorials, i was able to get use a combination of element normals and z0 to stack the plys in the direction required. However, how do you deal with corners? I am getting a cris-cross at the corners and unsure how to get the plys to bend ontop of each other. Hi Prakash, how do i check flow?
  12. Hi, I am trying to create a laminate for curved closed thin wall section. The cross section has been split up into different components because of the way the part is designed. In the design the layup changes in different parts of the cross section, and in this method I could group elements according to selector so I can assign elements to different plys. I am having trouble creating the laminate. I was wondering if I could get some help create a laminate with the shell mesh as the outer most surface. When I try, I get the laminates to build on top of the shell and there is no continuity with the elements at each corner. There also seems to be an error regarding element normals. Thank you ! Composite_2.hm
  13. Hi, In the first picture. where the 4 circles are, i am trying to line up the elements. The geometry was cut up (In CAD) into sections to help me with solid mapping but for some reason not able to section further. I tried to equivalence but not sure how to get it just right. In the second picture, i want to add a static pressure on the inside walls, however due to my sectioning, when i select elements by face, all elements in plane are selected. how can i define the inner surface as the face. Solidmap_full_mesh_01-08-2017.mvw Thanks for your help
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