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  1. Thanks how can I check dimensions (coordinates) in my files? or in Acuconsole? in order to check if the dimensions are ok. I already fixed the issue of the BC warnings. On the other hand how can I scale the mesh? Many thanks!
  2. Here is the files and the image explain how this works , thanks! AEV_cfdmesh_setup_cp_v1.inp AEV_cfdmesh_setup_cp_v1.arm AEV_cfdmesh_setup_cp_v1.27.Log AEV_cfdmesh_setup_cp_v1.25.Log_acuTail.txt
  3. I have a concern regarding the stability of my simulation. I'm working with a snorkel air intake which suctions air from enviroment in order to feed the engine. I need to find the mass flow kg/s . The geometry at inlet have some cells just like the snorkels for jeep , I have mesh this using a baffle approach and this part has a wall condition so fluid come in through this cells. For that I have used at inlet pressure enviroment 101 325 Pa and outlet a negative pressure that represents vacuum (-33000 pa) flow must go from the snorkel (inlet) to the outlet which goes to the filter and after to the engine. I'm using steady state simulation, spalart allmaras turbulence model. I'm having non convergence and the value of the mass flow is super high which of course is non physical. I would appreciate any comment or idea. I do think the problems are under Boundary conditions. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I just have some questions regarding an issue I do have in Acuconsole.


    I'm trying to simulate air suction from enviroment in order to find the mass flow kg/s.

    The inlet is exposed to the ambient while the outlet is connected to a vacuum pressure produced by the engine. (this is a snorkel air intake design)


    I'm using stagnation pressure at inlet equal to the atmospheric conditions 101325 Pa and a negative total pressure at outlet to simulate the vacuum (-33000 Pa).


    The thing is that I'm getting weird results with mass flow, I really big big value . and simulation doesn't converge at atll.


    I already check the quality of my medh and I think it's ok I ran a simulation considering a random negative mass flow at outlet  and 0 Pa at inlet, and looks stable.



    Any suggestions will be appreciated. I do think the trouble is on my Boundary conditions.



    Thanks in advance.

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