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  1. Dear all, I am trying to apply a non-uniform pressure on a holed circular plate in Hypermesh. The fact is I need to apply a pressure on top of the plate, as shown in the attached file. The pressure needs to be higher near the hole and will decline gradually (linear or nonlinear) towards the outer edge of the circular plate. Would you be kind to let me know, which equation I should use for both linear and non-linear decline of the pressure load! I have tried different equations, along with a a rectangular and cylindrical coordinate system, but unfortunately I was not successful. Your help will be appreciated. Thanks and best regards.
  2. Dear all, I performed a modal transient analysis. In Hyperview, I imported the op2 file. Now, I would like to export the displacement and stress of a particular node and element, respectively over all time steps. Would you be kind to let me know how to do it in Hyperview? Thanks and kind regards, Zahid
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