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  1. I have two doubts to consult. 1- I am modeling a linear motor and when I am going to build the circuit, I have the option to include a resistance value in the stranded conductor or in an external resistance as shown in the figure. What is the difference between the two types of resistance and which is the most appropriate? 2- The inductance of the circuit must include only the value of the coil head or the total dispersion inductance? Thanks for your reply
  2. Thank you very much for your help. I could already do the simulation.
  3. Good Morning I am simulating the simulation of a permanent magnet linear motor, and when doing it with current sources, I did not have any inconvenience, but when trying to do it with voltage sources, I can not obtain sinusoidal currents through the windings. Please, you can guide me. Thank you
  4. Good morning Can someone help me with a doubt? I'm making a linear motor model following the instructions in the LinearMotor_3D_Case2 example, but I do not know how the terminals shown in the figure are defined. Thanks for the help
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