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  1. Hi, as the majority probably knows, rainbow (jet) colormap is quite terrible. (For thoes who dont know, here is a great video why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAoljeRJ3lU) Mi question is, are there any scripts which would import the more representative colormaps like Viridis to Hyperview? Thanks, Uroš
  2. Hi there, I am trying to open the Acusolve (.log) file in Hyperview. Sadly Hyperview crashes every time I try to open the .log file. I tried three different result files and they all result in Hyprevire crashing while trying to load the results. Does anyone have an idea why that is happening. I am using 2019.1 version. Best regrds, Uroš
  3. Hi all, I am having a bit of trouble modelling the double wishbone suspension. As you can see on the attached figure double wishbone suspension has quite some joints that connect the components between each other. I tried to assign the right DOF acting in this joints but the behavior doesn't seem to fit the reality. the way this should work is: Joints 1 and 2 should be transforming all DOF except the rotation around "x". I tried to model this in the way that i connected inner nodes in the holes 1 and 2 to the central node with RBE2 constraining all DOF. Between does two central nodes there is another RBE2 which connect them in all DOF except the rotation around X. When I run the simulation joints 1 and 2 seem to be constrained in rotation around X as well. And I don't know how to fix that. Joints 5 and 6 seem to be working fine. Both holes on each parts are connected to the central node with RBE2 constraining all DOF to two central nodes. This two nodes are then constrained in all DOF except rotation around X. As it should be. Joints 3 and 4 should have similar behavior as 1 and 2 and it seem to have the same problem. Although I connect the nodes in all DOF except rotation around X, this DOF seem to be constraint as well. JOINTS 7 and 8 seem to be working ok as well. Joint 8 is where the spring and damper would be mounted and is moving in-plane. So I guess the question is: How can I connect two parts between each other in all but one rotational DOF. For easier understanding I am adding the FEM file as well. https://ufile.io/2kusj Thanks in advanced.
  4. hi, I amaged to solve the problem. There was an eeror with the duplicate damping elements. I deleted this elements and all went well. I am faced with another problem though. I have a number of 1D elements in the model some of them are RBAR and some of them are CBAR elements.I cant seeme to find the way to change CBAR elements to RBAR. I am sure it is not to difficult. Much appretiate the help. Thanks, Uroš
  5. Hi, thanks to both for the answere. I can share the .out file. It seemes there is more than one error of tis kind. Help is much appretiated. Regards Uroš FULL_VEFICLE_FREQ1.out
  6. Hi all, I am trying ot excetute the Normal models solution using Optistruct and I get this error: ------------------------- Duplicate SPOINT ID 365 - it is used on GRID card. --------------------------- I went through the forum and found that renumbering migt help. I renumbered all the nodes, bit it still showed the same error. Looking into the .FEM file, I found the node in the GRID The node ID doesnt seeme to be duplicated. Saddly I cannot share the file, since it is under the NDA. All the help would be much appretiated. Regards, Uroš
  7. Is it possible to make shell to solid contact? if not that might be a problem.... Do you have any idea?
  8. hi all, I came across an error during the acoustic analysis. the problem seemes to be in FREEZ contact between the solid faces of the acoustic medium and shell faces of the structure. the contact is as such *** ERROR # 1904 *** SURFACE 13 refers to element 136350 of incorrect type. If I turn off the contact the simulation works fine SSID are solid surfaces of the solid part and MMID are the shell surface of the shell parts. thanks for help in advanced. Regards, Uroš
  9. Hi all, I am having some problems during the frequency response analysis. I have the model of the Electric motor cylinder and I would like to see the frequency response in the certain frequency range. My first problem has only one force which is applied in the radial way on the rotor. This analysis works fine and is completed in about one minute, very fast. For the second case I take the same FEM model, and the same frequency range, only the forces are taken from FLUX (which is and Electro magnetic solver) and imported into Optistruct. I have around 10000 forces acting in each node separably. This time the analysis takes 2,5 hours. My model is done by this tutorial: http://www.cedrat.com/fileadmin/user_upload/cedrat_groupe/News_Events/News/VibroAcousticAnalysisWithFluxAndOptiStruct_FINAL.pdf I went to look into the .stat file, to see which operation takes so much time. it turnd out that there are two opperations: Time spent in section : MDPGRAM; CPU= 23376.27; WALL= 5846.09 Time spent in section : MDPREIG; CPU= 6364.92; WALL= 2401.62 As you can see this two operations take almost all of the time of the execution.. In my first model with simple forces this same operations took only a second each, so it is here, where the difference comes form. Could any of you explain what MDPGRAM and MDPREIG are and if they can be optimized in any way.
  10. Hi tinh, thanks for a quick reply and help. I checked the quality and it shows max angle 127.83, and in the error it is measured to be 297.45 Please find both the .fem file and the print scree in the attachment. Thanks, in advanced, washing_mashin.fem
  11. Hi all, I have a problem regarding the Optistruct Element quality. Element # 6837, element type QUAD4. ERROR - Validity limit violation: Vertex Angle = 297.45 upper limit = 180.00 i run a bead optimization and although I use the card PARAM,CHECKEL,NO it seems to make the element quality check and show the ERROR. Can you help me what is wrong with my mesh. To me it seemes to be a regular mesh. Thanks, Uroš
  12. Hi @Prakash Pagadala, thanks again for the help. I was able to detach the 3D elemets. As you can see on the picture there are two nodes at the interface. Saddy I still get the same error. Do you have any other idea maybe? Thanks again, Uroš
  13. Hi again @Prakash Pagadala. I made the trick you proposed and it worked for the acoustic medium. Now I am facing a similar error between the structure and the fluid elements. I try to do the same trick, setting CD to -1 but it doesnt semes to work. ---------------------------------------- Job load: 1 hwsolver.mesg output from the solver: ============================== *** ERROR 1686: STRUCTURE element 64568 points to fluid GRID 43113. --------------------------------------------------------- Sorry to bother you and thanks for help in advanced. Regards, Uroš
  14. Thanks @Prakash Pagadala. It works. You are the best =)
  15. Hi Prakash and thanks for the reply I am facing the same problem and since I am relatively new to Optistruct I cant seem to find the way to assign CD-1. Could you maybe give more step by step explenation how to set CD to -1. Many thanks, Uroš
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