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  1. I am writing an automation script which requires me to export element groups from SimLab. Later, I will utilize them for rigid creation in Hypermesh. With Simlab Ansys setup I am not able to achieve this. Since I had trouble using component manager, I am assigning ET Type & card image from the Model tab. After assigning proper ET type, component manager does function as expected.
  2. Hi Pooja, I am not able to find the option that converts from Abaqus to Ansys. Is there anything that I am missing out somewhere? Thanks, Roshan
  3. Hi, I am facing an issue while opening Component Manger (Utility Tab for Ansys). Below is the screenshot of the error message. The FE modelling was done in SimLab 2018 and exported as Abaqus .inp file. I imported the model in Hypermesh with Abaqus user profile. Now, I have changed the user profile to Ansys so that I can proceed with Ansys. But, I am facing the issue with component manager. Is there any way to fix this ? Hypermesh version - HM 2017.2. Thanks, Roshan
  4. This was a code to get elements from set of nodes. I discovered now that the code fails for 2nd order elements because of the mid-side nodes. Hence, wanted to identify them and avoid them in the calculation.
  5. Hi, I am trying to create a simple Tcl script, where I should be able to identify the mid-side nodes from the model and put it in a list. Is there any API to achieve this? Thanks, Roshan
  6. Hi , Just discovered that in certain cases this method does not work.
  7. Thanks Tinh, This method is useful. I will try this on different types of surfaces and see if it works everywhere.
  8. I can get the coordinates on the surface boundaries. But, it will be much useful if I can get it inside surface boundaries.
  9. Using these coordinates, I can identify the surfaces in SimLab .
  10. Hi, I want to get any coordinate (x,y,z) that lies on the surface. Only condition is that it should not be on the surface edges (Please refer the image attached). Is there any API available to achieve this? Thanks, Roshan
  11. Hi, I am trying to optimize my Hypermesh tcl scripts. Is there any API available to block screen update during the execution of the script? Thanks, Roshan
  12. Hi, I am new to Inspire. I want to perform topology optimization of a simple geometry with frequency constraint. (Attached a sample image for reference) Is there any tutorial which can help me get started? Thanks, Roshan
  13. Just another way to handle this.... *createmarkpanel nodes 1 "Select nodes to which the attached elements have to be determined" eval "*createmark elems 1 \"by nodes\" [hm_getmark nodes 1]" eval "*createmark nodes 2 \"by elems\" [hm_getmark elems 1]" *marknotintersection nodes 1 nodes 2 eval "*createmark elems 2 \"by nodes\" [hm_getmark nodes 1]" *markdifference elems 1 elems 2 set attached_elem_list [hm_getmark elems 1]
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