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  1. Thanks Simon. Mesh imprint seems to work. I think with tcl scripting I can use mesh imprint to perform the "union" operation.
  2. Manual operation is fine for simple examples like the one stated above. But, for a real models it becomes very tedious and time-consuming (too many faces to deal with). Hence, looking for a direct option like mesh-boolean
  3. Hello All, I want to perform 2D mesh union operation of two set of overlapping elements. Below are the images for reference. Here, both mesh A and B consist of 2nd order tria elems. Mesh A is from an older FE model built in different pre-processsor (Abaqus CAE) and Mesh B was generated within HM. The objective is to preserve mesh-A and stitch the extra mesh region present in the mesh B to it. I have tried using the mesh Boolean operation, but did not get any solution. Not sure if I am missing out something. So, is there a way to achieve this ? I am open to tcl scripting as well. Thanks, Roshan
  4. I am trying build some understanding about "X-Window server". So, will this work even if my localhost is a Windows machine?
  5. Yes. Even I felt the same. Create a custom library of required attrib names and use them as needed.
  6. Hi, I am trying to run a simple SimLab script in Batch mode on Linux environment. I am getting the error: "hwx: cannot connect to X server". Following is the command that I am issuing - $SIMLAB_SH_FILE -auto fe_modelling_simlab.py -nographics & Is there any parameter that I am missing in the command ? Or is it that GUI environment is required for running SimLab in batch mode? Thanks, Roshan
  7. Thanks Q.Nguyen-Dai ! If the profile was Abaqus, I believe I have to use the following: hm_getvalue mat id=1 dataname=Young Now, since I want to write a code which is profile independent, I am wondering if there is a generic query command. (Atleast for basic properties such as Density, Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio etc.)
  8. Hi , I am trying to query Young's Moduls, Poisson's ratio of a material Ansys profile. The following command doesn't seem to work - set E [hm_getvalue materials id=$mat_id dataname=E]; set Nu [hm_getvalue materials id=$mat_id dataname=Nu]; I also tried the following Is there any way I can successfuly query all the attributes assigned to the material, irrespective of solver setings? Thanks!
  9. Hi , I want to take screenshots of the HM model. Since my screen is wide, the images that I capture are naturally wider (say 16:9) . I want my images to be slightly narrow (say 4:3) Manually, I achieve this by adjusting left and right tab areas. Is there any way to do this programatically? Thanks!
  10. Thanks Santosh for the response! I re-evaluated the .cdb file again and following are my observations: Export cdb from Simlab 14 : The .cdb file gets imported in Ansys(MAPDL) without any issue. Node sets are also accessible. Export cdb from Simlab 2018 : While importing .cdb file in Ansys(MAPDL), I get warning messages. If I allow these messages, the import gets completed and node sets are accesible or else the model data will be partially imported (which was happening previously). Below is the screengrab showing the warning messages. So, far these warnings have not harmed us. Yet, we are trying to figure out what these messages imply. .
  11. Hello, I am currently using SimLab 2018 for pre-processing. When I export the FE model as Ansys .cdb file from SimLab and import it in Ansys solver, the sets are not getting imported. The sets are expected to be imported as "COMPONENT SETS" which used to happen when I was using older SimLab versions. Is there something that I am missing out during Solver Input File export or some bug in the appplication? SimLab version details:
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