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  1. Dir Sir or Madame I have a few question regarding the tool deflection. - Is it possible to perform a transient tool deflection in HyperXtrude/C2E ? - If a calculate the coupled solution in C2E, do I also get the computed deformation of the Tool and the temperature distribution of the tool? Thank you in advance kind regards Chiara
  2. Hello everyone, are there somewhere Sample Input files where I can find various input file commands for the *.hx -File and their description? Moreover, is it possible to save the simulation results as a vtk. file? Thank you in advance Best regards Chiara
  3. Hello everyone, I have a few questions regarding HyperXtrude 17 that I would like to ask. Is it possible to perform a parameter study (DOE) with HyperXtrude? I would like to automatically perform simulations with varied process parameters (for example: ram speed, workpiece temperature, tool temperature) without having to set up each time the simulation manually. Regarding the JobManager: what is the difference between the 4 solver hosts that I can choose from? hxME_3055 hxME_3055_os (I assume this one is for OptiStruct) hxME_3581 hxME_3581_os I am also trying to use heating elements in the container. I would like the heating/ cooling to start after a certain time. However, I am not so sure how to define the function in the GRF-File. Thank you in advance. Best regards, Chiara
  4. Hello Narendra, yes, I did the tutorial and no I prefer to use HX instead of Click2Extrude because I need to set some specific boundary conditions and I need to know exactly how my simulation is set up. I still have a few questions: 1. When I try to compute the tool deflection as in the tutorial, the tool deflection is not computed and I can see it from the xxx.out file. Here, in the section called "metal extrusion analysis" following message appears: * METAL EXTRUSION ANALYSIS * * ------------------------ * * Extrusion Type (Direct/Indirect). = Direct * * Analysis Type (Steady/Transient). = Steady * * Calculate Profile Deformation.... = Yes * * Calculate Tool Deflection........ = No 2. More over when I try to compute the tool deflection over the "tool deflection wizard" in HyperXtrude, the problem that I've already mentioned in the first message appears. The .hmascii-File of the steady state simulation containing the pressure loads in not saved anymore. Do you know how I can solve this problem? Thank you in advance. Best regards, Chiara
  5. Hello everyone, i have a question regarding the tool deflection analysis in HyperXtrude17. I would like to use pressure loads from a previously computed steady state extrusion simulation to compute tool deflection. The tool deflection wizard accepts only loads stored in *.hmascii file format, however the loads of my steady state simulation are stored in a *.fem file. How can I transform the *.fem file into a *.hmascii file? Best regards, Chiara
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