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  1. Hello, I think K omega can be used only for steady state analysis. Filip
  2. Hi Michael, if you want to animate a transient simulation in AcuFiledView, use Tools -> Transient Data... and then in Transient Data Controls move slider to time step 0, click on Sweep and wait, it can take some time. If you want to save the animation as avi for example, leave the Transient Data Controls opened a click on Flipbook Build Mode under Tools menu. The Sweep button will change to Build and after you click on it, the animation will be built and afterwards you will be able to save it. Filip
  3. Hi Prakash Pagadala, I am using user-defined system. It is transient, you must go to next time steps to see the displacement. It is strange, because when I plot displacement, I see zero in plot legend, but when I use Measures tool and measure incremental distance between two diagonal nodes, it is 26 in the last time step. Also from animation I see it is growing in radial direction. See picture below. Either me or HyperView is doing something wrong. Regards, Filip
  4. Hello, I have model in which some nodes are constrained by SPC, they should have zero displacement in radial direction, I use cylindrical coordinate system. In results I see all nodes have displacement in radial direction. It is transient analysis with moment load. I attach the file. Does anybody know what is wrong? Regards, Filip rod.fem
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