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  1. Hi, I get the same error as described above, however I also get this: My paths looks like this: Do you know what might be wrong in my setup? Looking forward to your reply, thanks in advance! Romain
  2. Hi Alejandro, Have you had any success in identifying the origin of this bug? Thanks! Romain
  3. Hi Alejandro, It just happened again today. It crashed when I connected remotely using WiFi instead of the usual cabled connection. Strange. Anyway, here is the logfile of that instance. I renamed the parameters, and only included the last few simulation steps because the original file is a million lines long. I have however not touched the log's or report's structure. Hope it helps! Thanks, Romain Flux3D_edit.report Flux3D_edit.log
  4. Hi, Well it just happened again. There is no information in the log file. I can however describe a sequence of events: 1. Started a batch simulation on the remote computer (Windows 10 on both computers) using my scripts (by using the "run a script" button from Flux supervisor) 2. Connected several times to that computer through remote desktop using remote desktop to work on other geometries, and check on the advance of my simulation. 3. Connected physically on the remote machine (not through remote desktop), and there it is, the simulation window is gone, without an error message or any trace in the log file. Funny thing is, the window where I was building a new geometry did not disappear. I hope that this description helps, and I'm of course available for more details. Thanks! Romain
  5. Hi Alejandro, Alright, thanks for the feedback. I'll try to pay attention to our units usage next time this happens. Also I'll make sure to check the log file, see if there's any message on crash. However, I hope it just won't happen again :-) Regards, Romain
  6. Hi, At work, I often work on Flux using Windows remote desktop, especially when I start a large batch of simulations, just to quickly check that everything is still running smoothly. However, it happened from time to time that opening the remote session causes the active project window to simply vanish. It disappears and all processes are gone. Only the supervisor is still running. That's pretty annoying and I'd like to know if anybody's encountered this issue. Both machines run on Windows 10 Enterprise, x64. Thanks, Romain
  7. Hi Alejandro, Alright, thanks for the info! The thing is, my script does loads of things and I wouldn't like to slow it down by executing all of it in direct mode. I'll do some tests to see if there's a workaround. Regards, Romain
  8. Hi all, I'd like to know what's the PyFlux command to display the progress bar when solving. I'm not quite sure why, but when I launch my script that opens a project and solves it, the pop-up window with the progress bar of the solving process does not show up. Thanks! Romain
  9. Hello Patrick, Fantastic! Thank you very much. Romain
  10. Hi, I'm back with questions regarding Python/PyFlux. I'm trying to determine the current application in a script. I have two questions: 1. In my tests, I found out that my current application is always Application[2]. Why is there no Application[0], and why is Application[1] the pre-processor? 2. When I type "Application[2]" in the PyFlux command line, I get "ApplicationMagneticTransient3D[2]", which would be good for me to determine the application. Yet, when I assign it to a variable "myVar = Application[2]", a print of that variable returns "2". I can't seem to get the information I want. There must be a python mechanism that I don't understand, and it might be useful for several other tasks in Flux. Thank you very much in advance! Romain
  11. Hi, I definitely agree with qchen regarding the doc :-) I have a similar question: I'm trying to import one of my scripts (imprtScrpt.py) in another script (mainScrpt.py). The imported script only contains functions. The only solution that I've found until now is to call "executeBatchSpy('imprtScrpt.py')" in mainScrpt. When I simply try "import imprtScrpt", mainScrpt exits without any message. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much in advance for your help! PS: until now, I've been ok with importing by using executeBatchSpy, but my script is starting to get quite big and I'd like to use imports to use profiling tools (such as doxy).
  12. Great stuff! Thank you very much!
  13. Thanl you for your answer. However I do not want to mesh in SimLab. I would like to keep meshing in Flux for convenience, but I would like to use SimLab to view the mesh that Flux created. Is this possible?
  14. Hi. At a recent Flux conference, I heard that SimLab has very interesting tools for viewing a mesh and I was hoping to use it to observe the meshing of the air in my 3D models, which is an absolute pain in Flux itself. Is there any documentation on how I can open my meshed geometry from Flux in SimLab? Thank you in advance! Romain
  15. Nice. Thanks! Have a nice day.
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