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  1. Hi Livil Thanks for the reply. The snippet of the code provided did the job, but is it possible to control start frame and end frame at the same time. Thanks Saumya Mishra
  2. Hi All Here is a snippet of code I am trying to work on: page_handle GetAnimatorHandle animator_handle animator_handle SetAnimationMode transient page_handle SetPercentOfMaximumSpeed 0.01 page_handle StartAnimation I need to create an animation gif at a particular (frame/sec). I am not able to get control over this option. I tried SetPercentOfMaximumSpeed but it doesn't seem to work properly. Please help me to solve this issue. Thanks Saumya Mishra
  3. Hi Livil Thanks for the help. I am now able to get control over those options.
  4. Hi all I am developing a hyperview customization script where I need to find the "Iso Contour" of the displayed components. I am able to get the contours but can't find any controls for " clipped geometry Feature and Transparency options" It'd be of great if I can find something to solve this issue. I've attached a snapshot to further explain the problem. Thanks Saumya Mishra
  5. Hi all I wanted to know if it is possible to read h3d result file using python. I cannot use hyperview to read the file since I am not well versed with Tcl/Tk. Thanks Saumya Mishra
  6. Hi Akitoguc Thanks for your help in finding out the element normal but, I couldn't find any command like SetLookAt provided in poI3DViewCtrl class. Can you help me out with any example if possible. Regards
  7. Hi all I am trying to develop as script in hyperview where i need to set the orientation of the model normal to an element. Its easier with standard orientation but for any other custom orientation I am not able to find anything. I need to find normal of any element in the model. find the respective view matrix for that normal Thanks and Regards
  8. Hi All, I am trying to write a tcl/tk script wherein I need to export .csv for each component's Advanced Query results. I am not able to find the handle to to control this option. I have attached the screenshot for clear understanding of the problem. Thanks and regards. Saumya Mishra
  9. Hi I am working on a hyperview customization script where I need to ask the user for selecting elements to be masked for further processing. just like in hypermesh customization we have "*createmarkpanel". how to get the same functionality in hyperview. thanks
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