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  1. Hi livillyle, Its difficult understand sme codes for those in hwtk toolkit. Thanks mahes
  2. hi all, I hav a list which contains ids of a components. Can any body tell how to write a code roughly so that I can create a table with drop down which can be used to change prop ,mat etc..similar to comp manager. Thanks, Mahes
  3. hi tinh, thanks . I will find way to correct.
  4. I just copied and pasted from that hw toolkit. no changes just to understand package require hwat; set w [hwtk::demo::getpreviewframe] catch {destroy .top} set w [hwtk::dialog .top] $w hide apply set recess [$w recess] namespace eval ::texample {} proc ::texample::OnSelect {W S c} { puts [info level 0] } proc ::texample::OnOk {w T} { puts "Selected items are --> [$T selectionget ]" $w unpost } set sl [hwtk::selectlist $recess.sl -stripes 1 -selectmode multiple -selectcommand "::texample::OnSelect %W %S %c"] pack $sl -fill both -expand true $sl columnadd entities -text Entity $sl columnadd id -text ID $sl columnadd color -image palette-16.png $sl columnadd thickness -text Thickness for {set i 0} {$i < 100} {incr i} { set clr [expr {int(rand()*64)}] $sl rowadd row$i -values thickness $i.$i$i] } $w buttonconfigure ok -command "::texample::OnOk $w $recess.sl" $w post
  5. Hi all, invalid command name "hwtk::demo::getpreviewframe" invalid command name "hwtk::demo::getpreviewframe" while executing "hwtk::demo::getpreviewframe" invoked from within "set w [hwtk::demo::getpreviewframe]" (file "D:/mahez/13Sep17/but.tcl" line 1) invoked from within "source {D:/mahez/13Sep17/but.tcl}" ("uplevel" body line 1) invoked from within "uplevel #0 "source {$file}"" (procedure "::HM_Framework::p_FileLoad" line 68) invoked from within "::HM_Framework::p_FileLoad 24" ("eval" body line 1) invoked from within "# Compiled -- no source code available error "called a copy of a compiled script"" (procedure "::hwt::ReleaseCanvasButton" line 1) invoked from within "::hwt::ReleaseCanvasButton 0 ._Scripting.f35.button35" (command bound to event) m getting above error ..y
  6. Hi all, I have a variable which has some comp ids. I need to diplay them as a tk table with some buttons . The buttons has to be for some purposes. can any one hlp with this. Thanks, Mahes
  7. Hi all, How to get shell thickness that is defined in the shell property through hm_getvalue property id=1 dataname=136 But I need to use attributename of the attribute id 136 to find the name if I use hm_attributenamefromid 136 it gives the list name where real constants are defined. Can anyone help with this. Thanks, mahes
  8. Hi Livillyle, @livillyle Thanks it worked. How come you found the id . through hm_getattributeidfromname? Thanks, mahes
  9. hi Livillyle, Thanks for replying I think this command will fetch the "SECTYPE" I need the value below that as "SHELL" or "BEAM" Thanks, Mahes
  10. Hi all, How come I get the section type of a property through tcl command. For details plz see the attached image. Thanks, Mahes
  11. Hi tinh, That words I typed In my model space is there in set name. Sry
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