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  1. Thanks tinh. I will try thiz champ
  2. Hi tinh I need to do in macro...the above thing is just a example. Thanks, Mahes
  3. I got it guys Thanks , Mahes
  4. Hi all, I need to get the sensors assigned to a component. Is it possible? Thanks, Mahes
  5. Hi George, for example I have a comp id 1 I wanna get the info about the component and write to a excel file. Thanks, Mahes
  6. Hi all, Can we write tcl variables to a excel file. Thanks , Mahes
  7. Hi all, hm_getentitycardimagedictionary props 1D When I m using above command in optistruct its wrking. How can I use it in Ansys profile. What is the type that can be used. Thanks, Mahes
  8. HI George, Thanks for your answer.
  9. Hi all, In hypermesh model checker what check is done for "component without hm_comp" Attached picture for clarification Thanks , Mahes
  10. hi, I have a set of nodes .I have to find the elements attached to that. And store it in a variable. Can anyone tell how to use *findmark for this. Thanks, Mahes
  11. hi, I think u can use Tools>Mass Calc. There by selecting elements you will get area. perimeter geom>Length by selecting lines you will get.
  12. hi tinh, I have done with code using entity info of node id in element edges. Thanks for the suggestion. thanks, mahes
  13. Hi , Can anyone tel how node marking by path work ( i.e) path it chooses ,if I select two nodes .
  14. Hi tinh, You are correct.This wat we taught. That's a must thing so have to be done .
  15. hi tinh, Usually for me updates for mesh will come often. each time when I want to edit mesh I have to change it to first order. So I have do sets again.
  16. hi tinh, No. wat I want to do is... I will do the mesh the model which has only 1st order elements. from that I will create nodal sets. after that I will change all elements to second order. By running the macro I will update the set which has the midnodes too.
  17. hi tinh, yes . final set includes both primary and mid nodes. is there any other logic other than this. Thanks, Mahes
  18. hi tinh, I have a model built of both hex and shell elements. we create some nodal sets. in those sets from primary nodes I need to fetch the mid nodes and update the set. This one is a part of my macro. elements are second order. 2nd line of code mark nodes by sets. those sets only has primary nodes. Thanks, Mahes
  19. hm_markclear nodes 1 hm_createmark nodes 1 "by set" slide5 set nodelist [hm_getmark nodes 1] set setupdate $nodelist foreach node $nodelist { hm_markclear nodes 1 hm_createmark nodes 1 $node set temp [hm_getmark nodes 1] hm_markclear nodes 1 foreach nid $temp { set flg [lsearch $nodelist $nid] if {$flg >-1} { *nodemarkbypath $node $nid 1 set ls [hm_getmark nodes 1] if { [llength $ls]<4 } { foreach n $ls { if { [lsearch $setupdate $n] == -1} { lappend setupdate $n } } } } } unset temp lreplace $nodelist 0 0 }
  20. hi, In a macro I written I have 3 for loop nested. the 1st one iterates for up to 3000 times .so my execution time is long. Is there any way to reduce time. Thanks and regards, Mahes
  21. *findmark nodes 1 257 1 elements 0 2 in above command 257 refers to ?
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