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  1. Also to mention that solving the eigenproblem does not give me the same lambda as outputted from feko
  2. Wilcon thanks so much for you continuous patience with me. I am tying to really understand this subject as I find it interesting. Okay taking the MoM matrix and solving the eigenproblem of XI = lambdaRI should give me lambda and I which is the eigenvector? The MoM matrix problem is just one current vector non-withstanding the mode? I am still lost in figuring out the difference betwen eigencurrent vector and solution to the MoM matrix problem. Because I am thinking they are both the same just different as per mode of analysis. Please help me clarify and if there is an opportunity to have a private chat or conversation, I also would not mind. Thank you.
  3. This statement is confusing me. What is the difference between the eigen-current and the solution of the matrix problem. Please I would love clarification
  4. I am so grateful for your continuous support. I still have questions as I continue to use FEKO and I hope you don't mind. Please, I want to know if it is possible to get the information of the external edges. I also want to confirm that the values given for the current density vector on the triangle is for the triangle centre or for the whole triangle?
  5. okay i got it. It id (b) not where b is for block number
  6. Please can you send me an example of the syntax
  7. Okay. Thanks for you support. Now a question about the MoM matrix. How can the matrix of the other frequency be exported because it seems only the MoM of the first frequency of analysis is made available when you check the .mat file
  8. But I am also concerned about the issue of modal tracking. I really do not intend to solve this equation from scratch.
  9. Thanks @ Wilco. Any function to perform this on MATLAB?
  10. I am so grateful to you RenierM, I guess my knowledge in the use of FEKO has been broadened and my knowledge has been increased even though I am still getting to learn a lot by the day. However, is there any formula I can use to get the current on the edge
  11. Also @ ReinerM, i have no access to the str file. Anyway i could go around this?
  12. Ok @ RenierM, thank you so much so confirm that eigen current can be referred to as the eigen vector?
  13. Please I need a quick assistance because I am stuck on one problem of using FEKO for some months. I am able to extract the MoM impedance matrix, I have access to the .out file as well but then I need to get the current at the edges since my MoM matrix is given for the edges. Any idea on how to go about this? I will appreciate a quick and fast response. Thank you.
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