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  1. Okay so in Hypercrash it is available. But I still have another Problem I don't understand. If I define a starting temperature in the material (300 K) and look at the results it says 0 K even when the contactsurfaces are in contact and should therefore produce heat. I have also tried to apply a load (initial Temperature) but the results show still 0 K.
  2. The cluster on which the simulation runs only supports Block120 and I am not able to update it.
  3. Well as I said in Block 120 there is no Option for Fheat when Ithe is enabled. In Block 140 there is the Fheat Option displayed when Ithe=1 but not in Block 120. Therefore the question whether Fheat is enabled by default or simply not available in Block 120. So no frictional Heat would be possible in Block 120, right?
  4. Hello there, basically I am doing an analysis of our brake disc for formula student in radioss. So far the structual part works and the energies look fine. The next step is to get the thermals in there. In the documentation for the type7 interface there exist an Fheat. But I can't find it in Hypermesh. So my Question is whether the enegry transformation into heat is working or not if only I_the is activated. Another strange problem I am facing at the moment is that if i define a starting temperature in Ti and T0 (~300 K) the results still show me 0 K. By the way I am using Block 120 because on the cluster only 120 is installed. Looking forward for some help.
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