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  1. Thanks @Prakash Pagadala but I am not familiar with transient in Optistruc. Is there any Tutorial for that?
  2. Hi, I want to apply force over 5 min in each min apply 1/5 of this, I mean I want to apply 1/5 F in over first min. , 2/5F from second min to 3rd min and ..... I dont know how to do this?! Best, Mohammad
  3. Hi, I want to add temp point on my model and do analysis and then in Nastran output or fem output I can read the analysis (displacement or stress of that point), i mean in output the temp node be like a grid point or sth that analysis performed for that too. Best, Mohammad
  4. I found some of Properties didn't have Material. Thanks so much for your help.
  5. Hi, I Stick into a problem. I defined a hyperbeam in this format: standard, Nastran, and box, then I defined Pbeaml in properties and assign this beam section to it. when I run with Optistruct, that error appear: "PBEAML 2663 0 MSCBML0 BOX +" *** ERROR # 1000 *** in the input data: Incorrect data in field # 3. Please help me on this. Cheers.
  6. Hi, I have model in Hyperwork and i got problem. In Hyperwork I can get output by solver, i have tried to do this but there is somethings strange happen. The grids parameter in optistruc fem and Nastran dat file are the same but when I apply the load to hyper-view, the values are change?! I don't know why this happen. Here the excel file and show this. Any comment? Best, Mohammad bendingreals4taguchi1.xlsx
  7. Honestly I am new in Hypermath. This is exactly what i want, i want to read specific nodes displacement and fetch it in function then do calculation in obtain new design variables and update my model and repeat this iterations until find optimum values. But i don't know how to read Optistruc output and how to modify fem file, this is what i want to. Do you have sample or manual for this? I really appreciated for your comment. Best, Mohammad
  8. Thank you for your respone. i didn't know anything about Hyperstudy, Thank you, i wanted do this with MINITAB and SPSS. I want to develop an optimization code and apply it for structural optimization, and i should find a way to do this, i stick into problem in Msc.Nastran then I search for other way. you mean by Hypermath, i can not access to data from optistruc i just need to find deflection of nodes and then set new parameters and again find new deflection automatically.
  9. Thank you so much for your consideration. Honestly i have model in hyperwork and i wanted to do this by MSc.Nastran and matlab but my model is very complex and also i cant define any node to check the value of that in nastran output. there for i should find a way, i search and i `m going a little through hypermath and i found out that it has optimization function just like matlab. i just wonder that, can i connect hypermath and hyperwork together and use my model as function, then see this just program language to do my project. Thanks, mohammad
  10. in Hypermath i can define a function and write code and also it has functions. instated of define a function, i would like to define my model as function. then do optimization.
  11. Hi,

    Sorry i write in here, but i wrote my question in optistruc 4 days ago and i didn`t get answer.

     I asked tinh and he didn`t know about this.

    I found that you have experience in hypermath,


    would check this.






  12. Thank you. Do you know that, Is it possible to link model with fmincon? Best, Mohammad
  13. Hi,

    Sorry i write in here, but i wrote my question in optistruc 4 days a go and i didn`t get answer.


    I found that you have experience in this topic.


    would check this.






  14. Hi I want to know that can I use Hypermath function like fmincon or I my self write code in Hypermath and link it to model in Hyperwork and do optimization? If yes, is there any source that i can use? Best, Mohammad
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