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  1. Hello, I made a CFD mesh using hypermesh to simulate heat transfer from flowing fluid across a pipe wall. Components created are: -Steel pipe (solid) -fluid flowing inside (fluid) -ambient air outside (fluid, in the form of an enclosure) -inlet (inside fluid 1 surface end) -outlet (inside fluid other surface end) Since I am not quite experienced with Acusolve I chose to work in ANSYS Fluent. I exported meshed file in NASTRAN. Then imported it into Fluent. But in Fluent there are no boundary conditions as "Inlet" & "Outlet". Also certain unknown boundary condition parameters appeared, which I couldn't understand. I am hereby attaching the graphics window of Fluent for your considerations. Kindly, help me in knowing if the components I created in hypermesh aren't correct, do I need to create "Interfaces" too or anything I am missing which must be made to get desired boundary conditions in Fluent. In anticipation of positive reply. New_Bitmap_Image_(2).bmp
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