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  1. Hello, Please go to Tools>>check elems here please make sure that the element quality is correct.
  2. Hello, This is because you have used the PSOLID property and the mesh is 2D you need to either mesh the object with 3D elements or change the property to PSHELL. I would suggest you to go through the learning library https://altairuniversity.com/learning-library/ also the Learning and Certification courses https://certification.altairuniversity.com/ Thankyou Sanjay
  3. Hello, You can also try by right click on the component and click on isolate. Thankyou
  4. You have to enter the values manually or you can make the element RIGID. There is no way of getting the values automatically.
  5. Hello, Can you please be more clear. What do you mean by you need to correct the stiffness matrix between the 2D and 3D part?
  6. From the above pictures i can see that the mesh is connected. Can you please post some more pictures of the new mesh. Thankyou
  7. Hello, Please follow this video for more details on this. Refinement Box.wmv Thankyou
  8. Hello, Please make sure that the first time you meshed the "keep connectivity" option was ticked in the automesh panel. Also, When you remesh a surface from the drop down select elements instead of surface. Thankyou
  9. Sure. TO create nodes go to geom>>temp nodes long select the element edge you want the node on and place the node. Then to create line go to geom>>lines>>linear nodes. and create the line by selecting the nodes. but creating the line can be skipped as you only need nodes to create an element. after making the nodes (4 for 4 corners of the QUAD) go to 2d>>edit element and create the element by selecting the 4 corners of the element. Thankyou
  10. Hello, You can try remeshing as @tinh said. If the number of trias are very small. you can delete and create elements form 2d>>edit element Thankyou
  11. Hello, You can try remeshing as @tinh said. If the number of trias are very small. you can delete and create elements form 2d>>edit element Thankyou
  12. Hello, Can you please follow some suggestions stated here: Thankyou
  13. Hello, Please have a look at this video for more details on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ55Oxu-NZc Thankyou
  14. Hello, CLOAD creates concentrated forces, where force is (mass*length/time2) while DLOAD specifies distributed loads. It is commonly used to create pressure which is (force*length2). So, please make sure you want to apply force or pressure. Thankyou
  15. Hello, Can you uncheck the "display fixed point" option? If this doesn't work please post some snaps of the component. Thankyou
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