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  1. Hi Andy, Thanks for the reply!. I'll try the same and get back to you. regards, Sumedh
  2. Hello George, Thanks for the reply. I will work on your suggestions and get back to you! Regards, Sumedh V Joshi
  3. Hello, I am currently carrying out a seat Crash Simulation. I have followed the seat-dummy Simulation process stated in hypercrash tutorials for the same. When I try to the run the Simulation, the engine is crashing every time. The seat geometry is very complex and hence meshed seat contains some intersections which I am unable to fix. I think this might be reason for engine Crash. I am a novice in meshing such complex geometries and as well as Crash simulations. Please do provide any help or suggestions regarding the same. I have attached the starter out (0000.out) file for concerned Simulation. Regards, Sumedh V Joshi
  4. Hello George, Thanks for the quick reply! I have attached herewith the the starter out file. I will check for intersections and penetrations in the model if any as per your Suggestion. regards, Sumedh Joshi
  5. Hello, I am doing an aircraft seat Crash Simulation Project. There are two virtualdummies mounted on the seat. (It is a three passenger seat, as in aircrafts). While simulating this Problem, I have followed the Hypercrash seat-dummy tutorial. When I try to run the Simulation using RADIOSS solver, I can see that the Job is getting completed without any increment in time. (no time-stepping occuring). I have attached a file of my RADIOSS Job completion. I am a complete novice with Crash Simulations and hence any help or advice would be appreciated. Regards, Sumedh RADIOSS job.pdf
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