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  1. thanks George for the clarification. I have completed this tutorial successfully in Optistruct now. However I would like to point out that this tutorial asks to set profile as "Radioss" (pic attached for ref), which is odd. Thanks again.
  2. Does anyone now how to create a simple surface like Rectangle(not square) using 4 nodes in hyperworks?
  3. Thanks George. I have tried to follow the steps, but still no h3d file. I am following a very basic and simple altair tutorial (file attached) . Input file looks like this: /VERS/120 /RUN/1D_Beam_Bending/0/ 1.00000000000000 /ANIM/DT 0.000000000000000 0.020000000000000 I have attached screenshots of my model set up and generated files as well. Tutorial.pdf
  4. Hello, I am using Hyperworks student version 2017. while working on tutorial for "Beam – bending exercise using HyperBeam", using Radioss. I got following issues (solver gives only 1 warning, no errors): 1. h3d file for hyperview is missing (not generated) 2. to get h3d file, different sources talk about analsyis>control cards>output or format or global_control........... I do not see any of these.....I have attached images of control cards I can see.
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