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  1. I found solution it is possible to select nodes by region and this is what I need!
  2. I found what I need, but only for solid elements I need similar tool but for nodes:
  3. Ok, I know this, but what should I do in this case (I have red vertex, and black vector. I need to select only blue nodes, without green. Moreover I have a lot of "pockets" like this). Also I would like to use python to automatize this process
  4. I prepare draft in paint I want to select nodes (blue dots) based only on vertex (red dot) and vector (black arrow). For this simple example, I can use edge (and select nodes by edge) , but for more complex geometry, I need only vertex and vector.
  5. Hello, I need to create node set based on vertex from geometry. For example I want to select vertex on CAD, and based on defined vector select nodes in some tolerance. Is it possible to do this in SimLab? For example in HyperMesh it is. Thank you in advance
  6. 2D tria mesh could be enough for me
  7. Hello, I have a question about meshing HyperMesh model using SimLab mesher. I want to prepare model with regions (for MeshControl) in HyperMesh and then send it to SimLab mesher. Why? Because SimLab have a huge problem with reading Catia publications => regions instead of HyperMesh. I remember that SimLab 14 had external window for mesher, it is possible to use it based on HyperMesh model?
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to ask about reading publications from Catia file. I prepared correct file (in HyperMesh regions were imported correctly), but when I tried to read the same file in SimLab, groups were empty... Have somebody any idea what I have to do? I heard about SL_PUB_ before publication name, but it is not working when surface is extracted Model tree from HyperMesh: Body.2 - solid Geometrical Set.5 - extracted surfaces in Catia based on Body.2 solid faces All regions were connected to Geometrical Set.5
  9. I tried to work with SimLab, but I have a lot of problems with reading Catia publications to groups (I used SL_PUB_ name before publications name). Sometimes it is working, sometimes it is not... That's why I tried to use HyperMesh (there is no problem with reading publications). Anyway, I found solution: *createmark surfaces 1 [hm_getvalue regions id=1 dataname=simpleids] but command select only first surf id, I don't know why it is skipping other two. After hm_getvalue regions id=1 dataname=simpleids I have 309 321 338 but when I tried to run whole command, only first sufr id was added EDIT: I found solution. Need to change *createmark to hm_createmark hm_createmark surfaces 1 [hm_getvalue regions id=1 dataname=simpleids]
  10. Unfortunately I cannot share my model. But I have access to surfs id in regions: *setvalue regions id=20 STATUS=2 simpleids={surfs 87 138} So for now I need to only extract surf number to create *createmark
  11. Hello, I would like to import CATIA CAD file to HM with publications. After import I have regions, but I cannot to use it for example to apply pressure on surface. Eventually I want to prepare tcl script to automatic apply BC on surfaces (after mesh). Is there any option to use regions? Best regards
  12. Hello, Could someone send similar code for Auto Contact for Optistruct profile? I mean this:
  13. Hello, how to obtain RHO and NU? When I tried to use hm_getentityvalue mats MATERIALID \$E NU 0 -byid I got 0 the same for RHO
  14. Hello everyone, I would like to use hm_setpanelproc {hm_callpanel pressures} command on my tcl script. Is there any option to automatically go to "faces" instead of "elements": I have also second question, anybody know command to CardEdit for selected Material: Thank you
  15. Hello, It is possible to map thickness from HyperForm results as a multiple property (variable thickness) for optistruct? I Tried to use mesh assign and apply .fem model + .hwascii but I had error during importing data. Is there any other solution to do that?
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