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  1. Hi XuWang, I have attached the utility below. Regards, Renier str2ascii.exe
  2. The std2ascii file is now part of the installation (see the description in the link below):
  3. Hi, The number of matrix files written out is equal to the number of processes used for parallel runs (I assume this was a parallel run with 6 processes). Please look at the documentation for an explanation of the file format. Search for "Read MAT, LUD, RHS and STR Files". Regards, Renier
  4. Hi shashank119, We have internal mechanisms to track internal errors that would give clear indications of what went wrong, or the nature of the signal. Floating point exceptions for instance would be apparent to us from the FEKO error code clearly reported in the OUT-file. Your output does not show a FEKO error code, just a signal number. You did not say what type of system you are working on, is this a cluster environment where there are job schedulers involved that might kill the job or is this a PC that you use locally for your models? My suspicion is this might have been a signal sent by the operating system. Do you see this error consistently and always at the same place?
  5. The values exported to the STR-file can be accessed using the str2ascii tool, located at http://www.feko.info/support/helpcenter/how-to/how-to-read-the-.mat-.lud-.rhs-files-and-.str-files The values exported to the STR-file are the matrix solution coefficients - if RWG basis functions are used the values correspond to the currents on the triangles. If you solve the CMA eigen equation using the matrix (which you exported above), you will calculate the eigen vector which in the case of RWG-basis functions then correspond to the eigen current. Please note that these values are not exported by FEKO for CMA solutions. You will have to calculate them yourself.
  6. The currents (or then the solution to the matrix problem) is exported in the STR-file. This will however not be the Eigen currents as this is what you will calculate using the CMA Eigen equation.
  7. @ozuem, if you want to manipulate the eigen currents such as create a combination of these, you can access and process them in POSTFEKO Lua. Unfortunately we do not support accessing the eigenvector - if you want to do an analysis that require this, you will have to solve the eigen problem yourself using the matrix that is exported to the .mat file.
  8. Unfortunately you will not be able to get the coefficients for the CMA solution as they are not exported in any form (no STR file) - the currents that you get in the OS files (and in POSTFEKO) are the currents at triangle centres and corner points. The dimensions of the MoM matrix is associated with the amount of edge basis functions and this is not equal to the number of triangles - it is thus expected that these dimensions do not match.
  9. Hello ozuem, The eigen-currents will be treated in the exact same way as surface currents in terms of the values and coefficients written to external files. Thus, the values exported to an *.os file will have the same dimension as normal currents exported to an *.os file.
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