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  1. Yes I was making a stupid mistake by not assigning weight in the Load collector so technically all the loads were zero. Hence, it was unable to perform any calculation what so ever. Thank you so much !
  2. Hi , I did my optimization in optistruct. I want to edit my optimized results to make it more presentable . Is there a way to import results form hyperview/hyperworks in INSPIRE and do such thing ? Thanks in advance !
  3. Hi, I kind of hit a roadblock in my endeavor to optimize the cabin of my aircraft with crash and level flight case haha.. It's sort of do or die situation here so to say !! I need help in , how to combine two load steps together for minimum compliance design. Both the load cases are linear static. Both the load steps require separate sets of BCs and load. I tried doing Compliance Index and Weighted Compliance but it's giving me this error " *** ERROR # 1996 *** in the input data: All entries have zero scale." which I do not understand . I tried to define index multiple times but I am missing something and making some mistakes but I am not sure what? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks !
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