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  1. I am running a simulation using 128 RAM workstation, Feko only using 12 GB of RAM, How can I increase it?
  2. So, is there technique to put two objects together with each other. Because feko is gonna give error whatever I put on a platform. How can I solve this problem? I just want to put patch antenna on an aircraft and want to simulate it.
  3. Hello, I want to simulate a patch antenna on a platform (an aircraft). whenever i put the patch on aircraft body, it gives me error. Sometimes it says wrong specification of the medium for metallic triangles or sometimes it says segmentation rules violated, or triangles overlap. What I think is whenever two bodies intersect in feko it will give meshing error?I have been in this problem for a long time. Looking forward for answers. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. But if I have more than one layers (which I have) than which method should be used?
  5. Hello, I am doing simulation using anisotropic material on an aircraft. I want to know are there any other method (PO, LE-PO, RL-GO) other than MOM, MLFMM which can solve anisotropic materials or layered dielectric? Because the geometry is big, so MOM, MLFMM take very long time for simulation for higher frequencies above 6 GHZ.
  6. ben

    Optimization in Feko

    The optimization shows only one result, I am unable to see all parametric results?
  7. I have put an antenna on an aircraft and I calculated its far Field. Now I want to optimize the antenna by moving it in one direction (e.g along x-axis) and I want to see where the gain is maximum?
  8. ben

    Blade Rotation Effect

    Thankyou for your reply. I am simulating radar cross section of helicopter and also observing radiation pattern of antennas.I want to simulate rotation effect in both and I want to know how accurate it give the results?
  9. How feko cater for blade rotation effect?Like for Helicopter, Propeller or Inlets with blade?
  10. ben

    ISAR Image

    I am calculating the ISAR image of this model using ISAR script but I am having an error "The combo box does not contain any specific index". I have uploaded both script and model file. cuboid_2.cfx cuboid_2.pfs ISAR_plugin.zip
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