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  1. Hi Pakrash, Thanks for having a look at it. I use Optistruct to set up my simulation and usually I do it by selecting nodes on a surface. I will try to see if just using lines works out. My version of Hyperworks is 13 if I am not mistaken. In addition, I am not too sure how to make the rigids sit in a rigidbodies folder, could you please explain how to set one up? Thanks a lot.
  2. Hi Prakash, I am not really sure how to move them to another components since Basic FEA assumes that the rigids are components. In Optistruct this does not happen, just when I transfer the session to basic FEA. Here is an image of what is going on. I also tried this making current one of the components of the assembly and basing the mesh on that component and creating a component of my own. The issue I reckon is how the session is exported to Basic FEA, but honestly I don't know. As you see in this picture, I created a component and still happens the same thing. And the renaming issue still remains. Currently I am running the simulations through Optistruct since it does not give this problem. I will attach as well the model so that anyone can have a look and see if it is maybe an issue with my computer. Old carrier issued sim.hm Old carrier issued sim.mvw Here are the session and the model, hope they are of any help, Thanks.
  3. Hi there, I have been experiencing a recurrent issue when trying to run simulations. Error #61, no input elements found, appears. However, in another thread of the forum explains why that happens, the elements have this "^" symbol in front of them, which excludes them from the solver. In my case that issue appears when I export my session from Optistruct (preprocessing) to Basic FEA and I try to run the study. In Basic FEA all the rigids (RBE2) and geometry I create gets suppressed with that "^" symbol and when I try to rename the components to avoid the exclusion from the solver, it just does not allow me to do so. I rename the component but it switches back to its old name with "^". Also, I tried to use the option of creating rigids with the option of Rigid Body on Line/Surface, and it works but using that I cannot bond several rigids and I cannot place the load where I want to. On the other hand if I navigate to Mesh > Create > 1D elements > Rigids I can create them but they would get suppressed with this "^" symbol again. Same happens with geometry and the auto property that Optistruct creates when you do not select material and so on because it is going to be applied in Basic FEA anyways. I tried several thing to get this to troubleshoot this issue but I have been quite unsuccessful, can I have some piece of advice? Thanks.
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