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  1. Hi, I have a session file containing 5 pages. To run the animation of all the pages I have to select each page and start the animation. Is it somehow possible in Hyperview to start the animation of all the pages in the session with one click? Thank you in advance. Bhaumik
  2. Hi George, As per your suggestion, I went through result mapper in HC help. To save the projected stamping results I chose Export results tab. But I can not find the options in this tab which are explained in the help. Where can I find this options? Also according to Tips and Tricks page, I exported .sta file as Standalone and removed all nodes and element information from 0000.rad file but still I get the same error as explained above. The attached picture shows the Export tab in HC and results mapper help page. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I did Hyerform tutorial HF-3120 for the tube bending. Instead of 3 bends shown in the tutorial, I analysed only 1 bend and generated tube_Bending_0001.sta file and with result mapper exported Mapped.sta file.
  4. Dear Sir/Madam, I am performing usability of Hypercrash feature result mapper. For that I first performed the tube bending simulation according to Hyperform tutorial and generated .STA file to use in mapping in Hypercrash. I successfully mapped the results and exported the file to do gravity loading analysis in Radioss. But when I perform the gravity analysis the solver shows an error saying 'NPG MUST BE SET ACCORDING TO THE FORMULATION WHICH IS USED IN THE SHELL PROPERTY" Now in the .STA file NPG=4 according to that I set IShell = 24 in property card. But still, it shows the same error. I also changed NPG=1 and Ishell=4, which should correspond to each other according to the reference manual. But it does not work. Here I have attached all the required files with .out file showing the error. Could you please help me solving this issue? Thank you in advance. Mapping_Altair.rar
  5. Hi, I am doing composite wing analysis and I want to create data sheet which contains name of the plies and their P1 major stress value using matrix browser. I opened two windows, one with .fem model and the other HV window with results. I am able to create list of name of plies but when I choose this plies as entities and try to get HVdata, result but I don't see P1 major in results. If I select elements as entities this works fine but with plies it doesn't work. Is there a work around to get my task done? Picture displaying the issue is attached. Thank you in advance.
  6. Hello, Is there a way in hyperview to see the legend with units? I know the answer is 'no' but may be some one the way around. See the attached picture. Thank you.
  7. hello, I have question regarding optistruct memory allocation. For a simple analysis I allocate 1500 MB for the analysis. But when I check the output file optistruct selects Current Memory : 150 MB. What could be the reason for this? Does optistruct choose required memory from allocated memory and send the rest memory out of core? The picture showing the situation is also attached. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello, I am performing static analysis and after meshing I have less mass of component then the reality. i.e. I get 0.8 kg instead of 1 kg. To add mass to component, I would select all the nodes and distribute mass evenly. But I wanted to ask if there is easier way then this? for Example, just select the component and give mass and hypermesh will automatically divide to each node of the component. So that I don't have to count the nodes and divide them manually. Thanks in advance.
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