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  1. Hello, I've been trying to set up a simple simulation of a carbon fiber cylinder crashing into a rigid wall. I've been getting an error (error ID 55) in input format that is related to either the property or loadcase. I believe the error lies with the property as I changed the loadcase multiple times (initial velocity to concentrated force etc.) and the error persists. The property being used is property 10: composite shell. The material being used is material 25: orthotropic shell. The 0000.out file is attached. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated. Cylinder2_m_Try11_0000.out
  2. George, What turned out to be the issue was I was not solving the _0001 file in the Radioss solver. The tutorials I had read only had shown to solve the _0000 file, so I didn't think to do this initially. I had a feeling it was an oversight on my part - I guess I was right. As embarrassing as it is, I'm replying here to thank you for the support and to leave documentation for anyone in the future who runs into the same problem.
  3. George, I see no '_0001.out' file. Maybe that has something to do with the issue. The model is a basic model used for me to learn on, so I have no issue sharing. Thanks
  4. George, I appreciate the help. As it turned out, when the CAD model was exported from Solid Edge it changed the model from a surface to a solid, which created the issue you described. Thanks again. If possible, would you be able to help with another issue? I've updated the model and I believe I have a decently working version. When ran in Radioss, it ends with "Normal Termination", 0 Errors, and 0 Warnings, however the simulation ends fairly quickly and doesn't seem to any output data. I'm fairly certain there is some small error that I'm not recognizing due to inexperience. For reference: There are 0 intersections and 0 penetrations, however there is a warning in the model checker: Boundary Condition Cards(1) -> Number of Boundary Conditions (1). Additionally, it is outputting an .OUT, .RST, and .M00 file. I doubt that's relevant, however I'm listing it just to give full info. The .OUT file is attached if it helps any. Again, I'm not sure what is going on as the simulation appears to not have many issues but is not outputting any data. My only guess is the definition of the rigid wall or boundary conditions is incorrect, however I have no evidence to believe so. Cylinder2_NewVersion3_0000.out
  5. Hello, I've been trying to run a fairly basic simulation in HyperCrash using the Radioss solver, however I keep getting an error that shows as: ERROR ID : 119 ** ERROR IN INTERFACE 22 DEFINITION DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 1 -- INTERFACE TITLE : New INTER 1 LAGRANGIAN SURFACE IS EMPTY Additionally, there are a few warnings that show, however I've worked through them before and am less concerned by them. The real problem is the Lagrangian Surface error. I'm fairly certain it's related to the contact surface, however I'm not sure what the problem is. Any ideas on how to fix it, and what the error is related to? Any help is much appreciated, and the .OUT file is attached if it provides any additional insight. Cylinder_ThrowingStuffAgainstTheWall11_0000.out
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