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  1. Thank you so much Christian Steenbock............. Have a nice time
  2. Hi Sir, I'm Augustin, a student. I'm new to hypermesh software. I'm working in OPTISTRUCT user profile. I saw the tutorials and knew to analyze the models. But, I want the output results i.e. displacement, stress, etc in text format. (i.e. I need their values in notepad or excel like that. But not in graphical format) Ex: I have analysed a cantilever beam having 10 elements, now I want the result in readable text format (either to read in excel or notepad or anyother). That should display the each element displacements and stresses. I have attached a file of the cantilever problem I had solved (as .rar) Please, please, please............ help me on this. I need to know as soon as possible Cant1D.rar
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