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  1. Maybe the similar tool in HyperView: Tools/Extract summed node force/moments-Ansys? (I am working with Ansys result files) Does anyone know how to control it by scripting?
  2. Dear Users, does somebody know the way how to run the Free Body -> Force tool by scripting? It seems to me it does not write any logs into command.tcl file... Regards, Ádám
  3. Dear Users, is it possible to run a tcl script automatically when launching HyperView? e.g. is it possible to control it from the preferences file or somehow else?
  4. Thank you Rahul, this was very useful, this is what I'm looking for!
  5. Hi, thank you for your answer. I've known this command (ExportH3D) but as you can realize this is not exactly what I am looking for because (as far as I know) it is not possible to import h3d files into HyperMesh. That is why I asked if exporting a solver deck is possible from the API?
  6. Hi everyone, my question is if it is possible to export deformed shape on HyperView from the API? So is there a command that substitutes File -> Export -> Solver deck?
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