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  1. Hi, I was trying to script meshing of bodies with a common sub-string in their names. I can use the below utility. But I cant figure out, how to use the variable in solid meshing syntax? Simlab Utility - var SubString1=["Bolt*"]; var EntitiesName29358=[]; SimLabUtility.GetBodiesWithSubString(SurfaceBodyName, SubString1, EntitiesName29358); Solid Meshing Code - I am trying something like this, but this doesnt works. //SurfaceBodyName is a variable storing model name var SolidMesh=' <VolumeMesher UUID="83822e68-12bb-43b9-b2ac-77e0b9ea5149">\ <tag Value="-1"/>\ <Name Value="VolumeMesher1"/>\ <SupportEntities>\ <Entities>\ <Model>'+SurfaceBodyName+'</Model>\ <Body>'+EntitiesName29358+'</Body>\ </Entities>\ </SupportEntities>\ <MeshType Value="Tet10"/>\ <AverageElemSize Value="3.5"/>\ <MaxElemSize Value="Default" Checked="0"/>\ <InternalGrading Value="2"/>\ <MinQuality Value="0.07"/>\ <LinearQuality Value="2"/>\ <MaxQuality Value="1"/>\ <QuadMinQuality Value="0.001"/>\ <QuadQuality Value="0"/>\ <QuadMaxQuality Value="1"/>\ <CadBody Value="0"/>\ <AdvancedOptions>\ <MeshDensity Value="0"/>\ <CreateVol Value="1"/>\ <Assembly Value="0"/>\ <PreserveFaceMesh Value="2"/>\ <MeshAsSingleBody Value="1"/>\ <Retain2DSurfaceBodies Value="0"/>\ <PreserveSurfaceSkew Value="55" Checked="0"/>\ </AdvancedOptions>\ </VolumeMesher>'; Simlab.Execute(SolidMesh); How to use the variable in place of body names?
  2. Thanks for replying, I am using Simlab 14.1. And the cmd window pops up if i run the script using GUI. (Project-->Autoplay-->Script) Can I run the script in batch mode, so that i don't get such pop ups. If yes, How?
  3. Hi, I run a script in simlab (Project-->Autoplay-->Script) after importing the parasoild into it. But as the script meshes the bodies, cmd window pop ups for each activity (like meshing). Can i run this script in background using batch and avoid such pop ups? If yes, Please guide !!!
  4. Can i use Jscript commands in Simlab scripting? Like , var person = prompt("Please enter your name", "Harry Potter");if (person == null || person == "") { txt = "User cancelled the prompt.";} else { txt = "Hello " + person + "! How are you today?";} This doesnt work in simlab. Can I make something this, work in simlab?
  5. Thanks, that works. i was trying without " " . Where can i find such attached sample scripts. Are these available in 14.1?
  6. I can create a macro to record a process of creating solid pretension on a bolt. But i wish to run that macro on different bolts of different length and different position in coordinate system. Basically completely different bolts. For that i need to define different planes for each bolt. And i can define planes by using face groups by using one of the simlab utility functions. But i cant figure out a way to incorporate that utility function to create planes in the macro that i have recorded. Attached image for better understanding. I wish to insert the variables "PlanePoint1, PlanePoint2, PlanePoint3", which i get from utility function into the place of numerical value of "PointA" and so on. Is it possible?
  7. Hi,


    I want to rename a no. of bodies to a defined name after I import the parasolid into Simlab 14.1. And I am trying to automate the process.


    For example, right now what i can do is change the name of "Body 2" to "xyz" through scripts. What i want is to get this input from user, like select the body which you want to rename it to "xyz".


    Is this possible in Simlab through the method of JScripts or python?

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