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  1. Hi @Alina, the excitation node needs a SPCD to define the forced displacement, which then will be referenced in the TLOAD. The DOF in the SPCD additionally needs a SPC constraint. The TLOAD (or DLOAD when there is more than one TLOAD) will be referenced as DLOAD in the subcase, the SPC will be referenced as SPC in the subcase. Note: A dynamic force needs a DAREA entry, instead of SPCD. Attached a small example with one transient force. Thanks, Christian tree_bird_static_TRA.fem
  2. Hi Elvis, guess the problem is solved with the modifications we proposed, isn't it? Main issue was the incomplete contact surf, but also the load application which is much smoother now (NINC in NLPARM, DTMAX in NLADAPT). Best regards, Christian
  3. Hi, try DISPLACEMENT(OPTI) = ALL STRESS(OPTI) = YES instead of ...(PUNCH). You will get a *disp and a *strs file in a tabular format. Regards, CS Cant_1D_10elems.disp Cant_1D_10elems.strs
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