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  1. SO I have remade the initial volume mesh with much better results, however I am still getting a small number of elements failing jacobian < 0.3. I have separated these elements and want to re-mesh the failed hexa into tetra elements, however I am getting unusual results when I do so. Any advice? I have attached a new file. I can split the elements but i would prefer to 3D tetra remesh NewModel.hm
  2. I also have tried shrink wrapping from the 2D surface mesh. This gave a resulting 3D mesh with too many elements failing other criteria. 15% had length <1mm (I would like mim length = 1mm) and 15% aspect ratio > 3. shrinkwrappedhm.hm
  3. Hi, I have attached my file. The "brainVmesh" is a 3D mesh created in othersoftware which needs refining as there is clear errors. I have tried numerous methods over the past 2 weeks and have not progressed so I decided to create the volume mesh in Hypermesh. The "brain mode"l is the STL of the brain. The "alteredSmesh" is the surface mesh, remeshed in HM. The "smeshbase" is the base surface mesh. I just tried using morphing to create the mesh and my results are in the file also along with the block I used to try morphing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. upload.hm
  4. Further, these are my required criteria: Minimum Jacobian of 0.3; 50,000 - 70,000 elements
  5. Here is the surface mesh (in vtk format and abaqus import file) and the STL of the brain. thank you! GoodSurfaceOutput_input GoodSurfaceOutput.inp GoodSurfaceMesh.vtk smoothedbrain.vtk
  6. Hi, I am struggling to create a hexa mesh (it must be hexa) of a brain. I have a STL file and a 2D Surface mesh. No matter what I try I cannot 'fill' the volume mesh. I can do a tetra mesh but require a hexa. I have tried Hypermesh and SimLab. Thanks
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