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  1. Hello @Imoto, thanks for the reply. It is not accepting the Node 1 and Node 3 to be the same. I am trying to make the nodes 1 and 3 the same, to get something like this for a beam element. Thanks
  2. Hello all, I am creating a beam element connected between two nodal rigid bodies with the line *createspotweld $x $y 0 0 0 0 0 "" Where x and y are the independent nodes of 1st and 2nd NRB respectively. When I look into file for generated beam element in the *ELEMENT_BEAM card (LS-Dyna), the 3rd node for the beam element is assigned with a random node id (but same coordinates as first node). Is there any possibility to replace the 3rd node id with the 1st node id?
  3. Hello @rkopparthi the calculated node id of a rigid body could be obtained by the following command ($a is the reference for the element created by nodal rigid body) hm_getentityvalue elems $a independentnode.id 0
  4. Hi Merula, thank you so much for the new code and it works perfectly.
  5. Hello all, In a part of my script the vector coordinates are pulled for a later use. When I execute I have the following error message --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error: can't read "vx1": no such variable while executing "*createvector 1 $vx1 $vy1 $vz1" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Code: *vectorcreate_twonode $x $y set vectorList [ hm_getmark vectors 1 ]; foreach vct $vectorList { set vx1 [ hm_getentityvalue vectors $vct "xcomp" 0 ] set vy1 [ hm_getentityvalue vectors $vct "ycomp" 0 ] set vz1 [ hm_getentityvalue vectors $vct "zcomp" 0 ] return "{ $vx1 } { $vy1 } { $vz1 }" } *createmark nodes 1 $x *duplicatemark nodes 1 25 set r [hm_entitymaxid nodes 1] *createvector 1 $vx1 $vy1 $vz1 *translatemark nodes 1 1 10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would be great if someone could tell how to reference the coordinates vx1, vy1 and vz1 in the other parts of the code. Thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I have created a 1D 2 node Beam element and assigned with integrated beam property (type18) as shown below. This is a rectangular beam element. Now I want to create a Beam with circular cross section. Could anyone please guide me by telling which parameter I should be changing to create circular beam element?
  7. I generally do it by importing only the Animation files into Hyperview at my work place and it works fine. Could you please tell, what's the reason to use h3d file in student edition?
  8. Hi Rahul, I have sent you too files which give same error. I am currently using SE 14 and also tried with 2017, but they both give same error.
  9. Hi, I get an error while trying to open RADIOSS animation files from in hyperview. Graphics card is up to date, but I am not sure where the problem is.
  10. Has anyone got the answer please?
  11. Hi Nguyen, I tried this already, but this does not work as I needed. The parent component is also visible along with the mirrored component.
  12. Hi,I am using option 'symmetry' in Hyperview to mirror an assembly. The problem is, the parent assembly is also available after mirroring. I tried to hide the parent, but child assembly is also hiding. Is there any other option to make a mirror and keep the mirrored assembly
  13. Hi, can anyone please tell what Elastif mean in property 35. It is written as Stiffness, but the stiffness will be calculated from the curve defined in the function. So how different this stiffness is from the other?
  14. I am sorry George, I do not have Privilege to share the model. I have applied imposed velocity on the model. Is it something to do with element formulation for trias?
  15. hi George, My version of Radioss does not support curve, so all inputs are in terms of parameters. Yeah I tried with the example as well, but there was no improvement
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