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  1. @JIF can you please check my question?
  2. Hi, I am applying CMA for a lossless dielectric cube. POSTFEKO shows the modal currents of each mode. my question is: what do these currents represent? knowing that the structure is dielectric and no currents should be generated there. are these surface equivalent currents or they represent something else? Also, what is the optimum mesh size to mesh a dielectric structure to make sure that it has meshed enough for CMA? is lambda/20 is enough? "where lambda = c/highest frequency" Is there any way to confirm the CMA results for (dielectrics+conductng) structures? because as far as I know, no other software handle CMA for only dielectrics. for example, CST approximates the effect of the dielectric bodies on the conducting parts because the software cannot handle only dielectric objects. Do we expect FEKO to handle CMA for lossy materials in the coming versions? Thanks
  3. Thank you for your help. Sorry, It is in GHz.
  4. @Torben Voigt Thanks a lot. However, do you have any explanation for the disagreement between the two ways? Also is it a good way to simulate the experiment mentioned previously or there I another way to get s21 results rather than the voltage in this case. I am mentioning this because CST-Cable Studio shows completely different values and they are also using MTL and the values are quite similar to the measured values. Thanks
  5. Hi all, I am trying to simulate crosstalk between wires. I have used both the cable wires and normal wires with ports( both attached). I am not sure why i am not getting any crosstalk (voltage at wire 2 ends) for the cable setup. While i am getting some voltage on the other setup. However, the voltage I am getting from setup 2 doesn't match with CST results (voltage average is -20 dB). I am not sure which setup is more accurate to model the crosstalk between two wires (wire 1 connected from one end to VNA and the other end connected to SMA load resistor, Wire 2 both ends terminated by SMA resistors. ). Thanks crosstalk.cfx crosstalk2.cfx
  6. Thank you JIF for your great help. "I don't Know Lua scripting that's why I am using EDITFEKO". I believe if you have documentation for EDITFEKO it will be great for everyone trying to use it. one last question: how can I define the port of that labeled wire? that is I want to define a wire port at the middle of the wire. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I am trying to simulate two wires with loads. I am uploading each wire points from a .txt file. When I am trying to run the file it shows an error that I didn't assign a wire segment ports for the loads. However, they are defined in lines [52-56]. I have attached my editfeko file and wire points files to check if you can help me with this problem. Thanks Done.pre wire1.txt wire2.txt
  8. Hi all I am trying to simulate an unterminated twisted pair using CMA. every time it shows me an error. "Characteristic mode analysis cannot be used when the number of MoM basis functions is zero".This is also the same case when I terminated the cable with resistance. If I use the MOM in the harness properties it gives me another error "The combined MoM/MTL solution method may only be applied to shielded or single conductor cables". Is there a way to apply the CMA analysis on the unshielded (terminated/unterminated) twisted pair? Thanks UTP-cat6.cfx
  9. Hi all, If I loop over multiple field incident angles in FEKO and calculate Modal excitation coefficient, The calculated curve will be the results of which angle? I have attached my file to be clear if the question is confusing. Thanks straight.cfx
  10. I am so sorry. I couldn't understand how to do it. can you please refer a documentation so that I can follow step by step.
  11. Thanks a lot, JIF. Can you please tell me how can I request this file.
  12. Hi all, for the following matrix equation: I know how to extract the impedance matrix using the .mat file. However, I need to know how to extract the right-hand side of the MOM matrix i.e. VE and VH. [the external source information] Thanks.
  13. Thanks. So if I am trying to terminate the wire with impedance to ground, should I use the ground plane and connect my wire through the resistance to the ground? Is this configuration ok?
  14. Thank you very much for replay. My concern now is, if I add load at the end of the wire does it mean that the wire is terminated or no?. In other words, the load at the end of the wire is grounded or it is just floating?
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