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  1. Hello I have a doubt regarding the analysis of a powder coated part. How to carry out a static analysis of a powder coated part specifying the coating material on the part? Thank you
  2. Hello Actually I am working on the CFD of diffuser of our FSAE car. But after solving the model I am not getting how to generate force results in AcuField View. How can I display force after solving the model?
  3. Hello Ravi I can't find any option related to import of Nastran file (.nas) except Acusolve file having extension .arm and .inp. Thank You
  4. Hello Ravi How can I import the mesh_intersections file. The file is showing invalid in every import option of Hypermesh. Thank You
  5. Hello This query is actually related to the export problem in AcuConsole. After giving a proper mesh to the model whenever I am importing it to AcuConsole whether it is in .inp format or .nas format the Acuconsole window closes immediately and mesh_intersections.nas is generated in the saved folder. How can I overcome this problem? Further what is mesh_intersections.nas and how can I solve this?
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