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  1. Hi to everyone, can I plot Campbell diagram of a rotor?
  2. Hi., to everyone. I ve this problem: Error #13: grid, 1 is repeated in the input data. How can I resolve this one?
  3. what are the differences between session and report template?
  4. my model is like your attached model. I want only the acce on constrained node, like a response spectrum. i ve solved my problem, i ve constrained the model on a portion near the applied acce. But there is a possibility to set an analysis (FRF ecc) with acce applied on the same constrained nodes? thank you .
  5. ok @Prakash Pagadala, i ve read this also on optistruct manual. How can I solve my problem?
  6. My case is like this: I ve RIGID BODY MOTION on x direction
  7. Hi to everyone, how it is possible to assign a shift or an acceleration to the base of the structure for a FRF analysis? In particular, if i use SPCD on constrained DOF (SPC), i ve rigid body motion on SPCD dof. as example: NODE 1: FIX CONSTRAINTS on 6 DOFs (SPC) NODE 1: ACCELERATION on DOF 1 (SPCD) I ve a rigid body motion on dof 1. I want a structure fix on constraints but with an applied acce on one or more dofs (that are constrined)... like a Rensponse Spectrum Analysis. thank you to all..
  8. thanks @Prakash Pagadala, Is it possible to calculate the resultants forces or moments of SPC nodes? (in Hyperview or Hypermesh) In particular, if i ve 250 nodes (as example) i can extract 250 x 6 [FORCES (3) or MOMENTS (3)] REACTIONS. It is possible to calculate the resultants of these Reactions (on six DOFs) ?
  9. Hi to everyone, I need to extract the resultant forces and moments of SPC applied on a surface. How can I do ? Thanks to all.
  10. thanks @Prakash Pagadala I ve solved by these settings:
  11. Hi to everyone, I have three load steps that must be analyzed in sequence. In particular: FIRST LOAD STEP: PRETENSION BOLT (Non linear quasi static) SECOND LOAD STEP: RADIAL LOAD (Non linear quasi static) THIRD LOAD STEP: F = 100 N (Non linear quasi static) I can't to set this analysis. In particular fist and second load steps work correctly. Third load step don' start from PRETENSION and RADIAL LOAD load steps. It is like and isolate load step. The settings that i ve performed are shown in attached figures (as example). thank to all (in particualar to @Prakash Pagadala )
  12. Hi to everyone, I ve a symmetric structure with symmetric constraints (SPC). This structure is loaded by an autoequilbrate force system, for this reason i want to perfom an INERTIA RELIEF ANALYSIS. Is It possible to set an INERTIA RELIEF ANALYSIS (with INERL -2) with a SPC constraints in order to simulate the symmetrical Boundary conditions? thanks
  13. stress level is ok (i ve check this, with a Response Spectrum Analysis), but my body have a rigid body motion on x direction. I ve performed this setting: (consistent unit are: ton - mm - sec - N - MPa).
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