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  1. @Prakash Pagadala, During the other phases I maintained the same responses. I'll try to do just that and see what happens!
  2. So, my goal is to have a deflection of around 1mm at maximum load. At the beginning I was constraining the displacement of some nodes but the optimization was not working. You suggested me to try and constrain volume fraction, mass etc and it worked (https://forum.altair.com/topic/23382-composite-wing-free-size-optimization/?page=2 - here). Through the analysis I was running I was checking that for a weight of +- 3500 I was getting the desired displacement so I started constraining that (mass at 3200 - 3600). I never thought of checking the mass of the model because I had my mind set on cleaning the plies but last week I decided to check the mass of the model and I was very surprised... My original model has: Mass: 4100g Max Displacement: +-6mm at maximum pressure My goal is: to reduce the mass (significantly, or at least maintain) while improving the stiffness of the wing. The problem is that with 5000g, I'm not reducing much (although I'm improving significantly the stiffness). Do you have any suggestion? Hope I made myself clear. Thank you very much!
  3. @Prakash Pagadala, Through the afternoon I tried new optimizations with different constraints: 09_9 - Just a new mesh, perfectly symmetric with no ctria elements 10_9 - The same new mesh but instead of constraining mass, I constrained mass fraction (between 0.11 and 0.123 - this corresponds to 3200 and 3600 according to the original super-ply model mass) 10_9_1 - The same new mesh but instead of constraining mass, I constrained volume fraction Unfortunately, the problem persists. Although the mass on the OUT file is around 3600, once imported, I get different results: 09_9 - 5605.690 10_9 - 5596.463 10_9_1 - 5595.804 I've attached the .OUT files so you can take a look. I don't know if they are useful or not... Sorry for pushing this so much but I think this may be the last problem I'm facing with my thesis and no matter how much I search I can't seem to find a solution for it... Thank you very much for your help! 09_9_ready.out 10_9_ready.out 10_9_1_ready.out
  4. @Prakash Pagadala, In the meantime I made another model and I no longer have the problem with the new property. I think it might have had something to do with a small problem I had when creating the connectors. I still have the mass problem though.. Do you have any news regarding this? Thank you very much!
  5. @Pandurang, Yeah, I would never find it... Sorry.. But I just found the file and it's perfect! Thank you so much guys! @tinh @Q.Nguyen-Dai
  6. I searched the folder where I have the .tcl file and the folder where I have my model: here ^ But I can't find any conns.txt file.. Is it possible that Hypermesh is still writing the file? Thank you!
  7. @Pandurang, Thank you! I guess it worked now since It did not give me any error message. Where can i find the output file?
  8. Hello @Q.Nguyen-Dai, @tinh I just did what you guys said and now the code reads like this: *createmark elems 1 "by config" quad4 set ids [hm_getvalue elems mark=1 dataname=id] set nodes [hm_getvalue elems mark=1 dataname=nodes] set elems {} set conns {} foreach id $ids {n1 n2 n3 n4} [join $nodes] { set i 0 foreach edge conn {1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4} { if {[dict exists $elems $edge]} { set e_c [dict get $elems $edge] eval dict lappend conns $id $conn [set ids_ [dict keys $e_c]] foreach id_ $ids_ { dict lappend conns $id_ [dict get $e_c $id_] $id } } if {[incr i]<5} {dict lappend elems $edge $id $conn} } } set buf "" foreach {id c_ids} $conns { foreach conn {1 2 3 4} { if {[dict exists $c_ids $con]} { append buf $id,[dict get $c_ids $conn] } else { append buf $id,0 } } append buf \n } set fpt [open conns.txt w] puts $fpt $buf close $fpt After copying this to a text file, changing the extension etc and running from hypermesh, I get this: Any idea? Thank you very much!
  9. Hello @Prakash Pagadala, how are you? During the weekend I tried different models including the Tutorial OS-3400 and the mass on the .OUT file and after importing is always different (although to different extents -> 1.5X more here and 1.1X on the OS-3400 tutorial). I also never get the *.HM.comp.cmf no matter what I do.. If you need anything more let me know! Thank you very much!
  10. I get this error when I run it. Is there something I should be doing differently? I copied your code, pasted it to a text file that I saved with a .tcl extension and then I ran it from hypermesh
  11. Hi @tinh, Thank you very much for your answer! The model I have is big qs (almost 400 000 elements) and the way I programmed it right now (probably not the best one) I'm running out of RAM before I finish the calculations.. I'll try your code and get back to you! Thank you so much! PS - How can I learn how to write TCL scripts?
  12. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to export a .txt file with the connectivity of all the elements on a model. For example: My model is made of CQUAD4 elements only. The ideal output would be a list like this: ELEMENT_ID,CONNECTION_1,CONNECTION_2,CONNECTION_3,CONNECTION_4 With CONNECTION_X being: CONNECTION_1 - Element connected to G1-G2 CONNECTION_2 - Element connected to G2-G3 CONNECTION_3 - Element connected to G3-G4 CONNECTION_4 - Element connected to G4-G1 If there was no element connected, CONNECTION_X would be 0 (for example) I've tried to assemble this connectivity matrix based on the bulk data exported by Hypermesh using MATLAB(it's the only language I'm comfortable with) using the CQUAD entry to go element by element and then search the whole list to find which element is connected to each side. But since the elements on Hypermesh don't have the same orientation, the whole process doesn't finish.. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you very much!
  13. Take a look at your FileTransferLink. I sent you the .hm model. Anything else just ask! Thank you very much!
  14. Hello @Prakash Pagadala, The mass is different: Before Optimization with super plies -- 29192 Iteration Zero - 3600 Yes, I know MATINIT is not 1 on that OUT file I sent you. It is on this one. On this one, the Iteration 0 mass is the same as the model.. Despite this, the end result is the same. After free sizing, the masses of the OUT file and the Model are different.. 05_9_post_mapping_ready.out
  15. @Prakash Pagadala, Another thing I just noticed now, when I start running the optimization optistruct creates another property - PCOMPP that doesn't exist on the original model. ^This the model used for running the free size optimization ^and this is the data imported. Also, another thing. When importing the results to start the size optimization, what is the correct way to do it? 1) Importing the .fem file to a new model 2) Importing the .inc file to the model used to run the free size optimization Thank you very much!
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