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    missing white spaces in grid data in exporting mesh

    Thank you all for your answers. I did not like Tinh's solution because I do not like the idea of running a solver simply for the sake of obtaining a better format for the mesh data. It is cumbersome. @Nguyen, I could not figure out what "fixed format" and "long fixed format" are. I don't see them in v14.0. I solved my problem by 1.) developing a simple awk script for the file generated using v14.0, 2.) installing 2017 version in which Optistruct has 'free format' which exports the data in comma separated format which I can process easily. Thank you.
  2. Chennakesava Kadapa

    missing white spaces in grid data in exporting mesh

    Thank you Nguyen and George, for your answers. Unfortunately, they do not help my cause. I am using Hypermesh only to generate meshes for my in-house FEA code. So, the RADIOSS reader does not help me. I have to have the coordinate with some delimiter which I can process to be readable into my code. Textpad is my default text editor. I also opened the .rad files in Notepad, Wordpad and MS Word, and I didn't see any difference in the format. I have attached the file for your reference. Please not me know if I am doing something wrong. The only option I can think of now is to generate to an AWK script to break the coordinates. I must say that this is very inconvenient. Please let me know if there is any other way around this. leafvalve3dleaf_0000.rad
  3. Hello everyone, I am having trouble exporting the mesh from Hypermesh. Some white spaces separating the fields are missing. *) With the RADIOSS profile, the first three nodes of the grid data look like this. 1 10.4352852680878 0.374999999999996 1.69690861652916 2 10.0920996147679-3.8857805861880E-15 1.59540682856021 3 10.2957517115474-3.5527136788005E-15 1.49409343503715 *) The situation is even worse with OptiStruct. The output file (first three nodes) looks like this. GRID 1 10.435290.375 1.696909 GRID 2 10.0921 0.0 1.595407 GRID 3 10.295750.0 1.494093 I don't want to create white space manually because the meshes I work with, in general, contain thousands of nodes. So, I need a proper solution for this issue. I am using the HyperWorks14.0 - student version. Thanks, Chenna.