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  1. Hello Sir, Thank you for your valuable suggestion. I have changed the Eps_max from 0.981 to 9.81. However I am getting the same behavior of the curve after changing max plastic strain value. I have defined the output block for set of element at the gauge portion of the specimen and getting the same behavior of curve. Is there any necessity to define the cross section at the required zone before meshing of the specimen? Thanks and Regards Pavan
  2. Hello Sir, I already know how to cross plot two plots in single plot. Therefore I have already attached a image file showing cross plot between stress and strain. You can see in cross plot as it was stress vs strain curve the trend of the curve in inappropriate. Therefore I had requested to see my model and to identify the errors made by me on that.
  3. Hello Sir, Is there any update... waiting for your reply.
  4. Hello Sir, The value of error is reached uptp 99.9%. Would it affect the results? NC= 1274000 T= 1.2740E+00 DT= 9.9999E-07 ERR=-99.9% DM/M= 3.8006E+01
  5. Thank you for the reply Sir, I have already used the cross plot and getting the stress vs strain in one plot. I have also used the T01 file in Hypergraph for plotting this for an specified element. However the trend of the stress strain curve is not appropriate, Therefore I am requesting you please see my .hm file, h3d and T01 file and explain me is there any mistake in modelling. I am attaching the stress strain curve plotted using cross plot but the trend of the curve is not appropriate. pleas e see the attachment.
  6. Hello Sir, I had carried out the simulation with specimen having different shape then doge bone specimen. I am unable to get the exact stress strain curve and force vs displacement plot also . I had created the output block with the elements section. I am attaching .hm, .h3d and T01 file with this, please explain me where I am doing mistake. 6.h3d .T01 6.hm
  7. After tensile test simulation I am getting the value of plastic strain. while stress strain curve also have the value of elastic strain. so how can I plot complete stress strain curve after tensile test simulation.
  8. Pavan Kumar


    THE error is increasing what to do ? NC= 9000 T= 8.4895E-01 DT= 9.4325E-05 ERR= -5.6% DM/M= 0.0000E+00
  9. Can I use /TH/INTER and /TH/SHEL for same purpose
  10. Hi, I am doing tensile test simulation in hyperworks using imposed velocity load collector, can anyone explain how to get forces in output results.
  11. Dear Sir, I tried to plot the stress strain curve for tensile test simulation carried out by me. But, I was unable to do it, the .hm is attached below. Please plot the stress vs strain curve and also explain how to plot it. Thanks and Regards Pavan Kumar First.hm
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