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  1. Hi guys, I'm having some problems with the discrete Transfer Function block. I'm trying to recreate the TF behavior I'm getting from Matlab, but I'm nowhere near. I have tried using both the Polynomial and the Poles and Zeros option to enter the values, but the output remains the same. z^4 - 3.753 z^3 + 5.272 z^2 - 3.286 z + 0.7666 / 4.421e-07 z^4 - 4.333e-07 z^3 I've attached my Embed file, that contains the Reference and the TF blocks. I've also included a couple of screenshots from Matlab that show the behavior I'd like to obtain from Embed. I've made sure that Embed and Matlab have the same Time Step, which you'll be able to see from the reference input (it's the same on both softwares). I don't know what else to do, I really hope you can help me out. Bezier_test.vsm
  2. Thank you so much Athieshkumar, that was really helpful
  3. Hey guys, How can I have a -1:1 amplitude in the square wave? I've tried to combine two square waves (see attached file). One positive and one negative with a 1 second delay, but unfortunately de Time Delay option makes no modification on the signal, hence the two signals are cancelling each other. Thanks for your help.
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