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  1. Hi George, yes i tried with /Anim/VECT/CONT and CONT 2. Unfortunately if i run the Analysis, there is no result for the contact force in the result tab. Thanks for your help! Sebastian Update: I solved it. The Problem was the wrong Setting for the ANIM Keyword. Thank you for your fast Responses George. You are doing a great Job here!
  2. Hi together, i try to visualize the contact forces (normal and tangential) of a type 2 interface in radioss. Is there a engine keyword to visualize the contact force as Animation, so that one can see it in hyperview ? I use Interface type 2 with spotflag 20. This means, that a contact force is calculated in order to compare the result to the rupture criterium. I would like to visualize this contact force. Thanks in advance! Greetings, Sebastian
  3. Hi Rahul, no worries, i really apreciate your help! I attached an example. Two Solids are connected with cbushs. One of the Solids is displaced. Afterwards i try to evaluate the elment forces of the cbush elements in hyperview. Unfortunately i can t see anything, because the elements are of zero length. The most convenient thing would be to map the cbush forces somehow to one of the surfaces they are connecting and display this as a contour plot. Is something like this possible? If not, is it somehow possible to make the force distribution visible? Thank you! Best Regards, Sebastian Cbsuh Example.hm
  4. Thank you for your reply. Is it also possible to connect the two solids elastic using a contact?Therefore we need to manipulate the non linear spring, which is responsible for the transverse frictional force in a way to produce a force without having a corresponding normal force? Best Regards, Sebastian
  5. Thanks again! So if i specify a sliding distance in FRISCEL of 5 mm the frictional force will grow linear. But at what slope? The transverse stiffness? What happens if the sliding exceeds those 5 mm? Or is the friction force at 5mm slide increased, so that the sliding distance can t exceed this value?
  6. Thanks a lot for your response! Do you know what is the difference if i use the contact with FRISCEL and without? Best Regards, Sebastian
  7. Hi together, i would like to connect two surfaces of two different parts. The contact should be able to slide transverse (with a specific Stiffness). Is there an option to define this transverse stiffness in the PCONT options. Can i define it over Mu1? I am just wondering because Kt is calculated with the Equation Kt = Mu1*Stiff and Stiff is only a relative? Or is there any other way to prescribe a specific stiffness to the contact (and transverse)? Do i have to enable the option FRICESL to enable the sliding? Thank you for your help! Sebastian
  8. I am connecting two surfaces via zero length cbush elements. Afterwards i want to visualize the elementforces acting in those 1D elements. Because the Cbushs are rigid in some DOFs i cant see a distribution of the element forces for the different 1D elements (because they are of zero length). Is there a way to map the forces to one of the surfaces they are connecting? Or is there another way to make those forces visible in Hyperview? Thanks a lot!
  9. I tried to use the model created by tinh in the earlier post. (cbush.hm) I get the error during the modelling. I extracted the face elements from both components and tried to connect them over 1d linear. As Input i selected: from (face elems component number one) to (face elems components number two) When i press the create button i receive this error message. (2 meshs elem orders differ) Is there anything I am doing wrong? Is there a need to define the allignment or the density? Thank you for your help! Sebastian
  10. Hi together, i want to create a visualization of the element forces acting in a zero length cbush. Unfortunately, because it has zero length, i cant see anything. Is there a way to create a visualization of the element forces acting in the zero length cbushes? Thanks for your help! Sebastian
  11. Hi together, i try to achieve the same thing. I create the face elements over faces, find faces and put them in two new components. Afterwards i try to connect them over linear 1D. Now I get the error: 2 meshs elem orders differ. Is there anything else i need to consider? After this step, do i have to delete the two face meshes created? Thanks for your help! Sebastian
  12. Hi together, I try to connect two solids via Cbush Spring-Damper Elements. Unfortunately the connection between the solids doesn' t seem to work properly. When i set the K properties to rigid, they doesn t work as rigids. I tried to connect them over two very thin shell meshes one the surface of each of the solids. Do you have any idea why this happens? Is there a better way to connect two solids via cbush? Attached you find the File Thank you for your help! Sebastian Solids Cbush 3D.hm
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