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  1. Hello Prakash @Prakash Pagadala Any update on the files? Any comment? Waiting for response James
  2. Hi Rahul, Yes, I did check the mass and volume of the component. It is same as real life component. @Prakash Pagadala Thanks for update. Will be waiting for your response James
  3. Hi Prakash, Could you please confirm if you have received the files .hm and .fem through file transfer? James
  4. Hello Team, I am working on the Linear Static analysis of Gear tooth Bending strength check. Please see attached image of Analytical calculation and FEA Results. FEA results shows the stress 10 times higher than the Analytical Value. I have used default values of E, Nu and RHO for material and Applied force in N. Please review and let me know where am I making mistake in Analysis. James
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